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cardboardsword ([personal profile] cardboardsword) wrote in [community profile] hs_olympics 2012-05-25 02:49 am (UTC)

Cosplay Entries

Hi, I'd just like some more clarification on how cosplay entries should be done? Making/assembling 75% of a cosplay within two weeks is a pretty short period of time and if I'm going to do it I'd like to do it properly.

Does the 75% include wigs, makeup, shoes, etc.? Do all cosplayers involved have to be on the team that is submitting (For example with me, if the Vriska cosplayer was on team Aradia<3<Vriska but the Aradia cosplayer wasn't)? Does the 75% rule mean 75% of the cosplays have to be made by a person on the team? Likewise, what are rules for photographers and team membership? Pretty much, if I'm going to make a whole new cosplay for the HSO I'd like more specifics on the parameters to see what I'll need to do! Thank you for organizing all of this!

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