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Much of the format and info and text is lifted with permission from [livejournal.com profile] goblinmarket_sw--much love to [livejournal.com profile] insane_duckfish and [livejournal.com profile] vociferocity! Any and all errors are [personal profile] mimicre's.

Please note that there have been some changes since last year!

First and perhaps most importantly, the Wank Policy has been updated. Hopefully the new version will make life simpler for everyone (but mostly us).
Second, the schedule is now on this page, and it’s a little more streamlined.
Third, we’ve added the general main round guidelines to this post, including new transcription rules and new image maximums.
Fourth, the collab round now has no media requirement.
Fifth, we are now requiring attendance check-ins after every round in order to make sure team counts are accurate.
And finally, the point system is slightly updated; mostly the changes involve consolidating all the changes we made throughout HSO 2011, but also we are now awarding points for submitting main round entries regardless of how they place.


The Homestuck Olympics is an annual summer challenge intended to bring out the best in the Homestuck fandom.
These are our goals:
  • Having fun
  • Hanging out with fellow fans
  • Making cool stuff

These are not our goals:
  • 'Proving' that one ship is better/worse than another
  • Creating drama
  • Making people angry and upset

See also: Wank Policy


How This Works
Main Rounds
Bonus Rounds
Collaborative Round

How This Works

What's going to happen here is that people will form teams based on their favorite ship in Homestuck, and then create fanworks based on prompts. Art, fic, vids, fanmixes, elaborately arranged Suddenly Pasta Salad, basically anything is game so long as it fits the prompts.

Remember, this is supposed to be FUN! Nobody is expecting you to spend two hundred hours getting that metaphor just right or fixing the shading under that eyelash. Do what you can, chill with rad people, have a bit of a laugh! That is the general idea. The whole ‘points’ thing is really just there to provide some motivation and structure.


All dates listed refer to 11:59PM Eastern Time of that date. If you’re confused as to how that relates to your time zone, google “time new york.”

May 5: Sign-ups open and the promotional pre-game opens
May 19: Bonus Round 0 (br0) opens
June 2: Sign-ups and br0 close; Round 1 (R1) and Collab Round prompts revealed
June 9: br1 opens
June 23: R1 due, R1 voting opens, and br1 closes; R2 prompt revealed, and br2 opens
July 7: R1 voting closes, R2 due and R2 voting opens, br2 closes, R3 prompt revealed, and br3 opens
July 21: R2 voting closes, R3 due and R3 voting opens, br3 closes, and br4 opens
August 4: R3 voting closes, Collab Round due and Collab Round voting opens, br5 and br6 open
August 18: Collab Round voting closes, br5 and br6 close, winners are announced, and HSO 2012 is over!

Main Rounds

There will be three main rounds. This is how each round will go:
  1. Prompts released! Excitement abounds.

  2. People who have signed up for this round (more on that under Teams) flex their creative energies and produce fills for the prompt, singly or in groups

  3. The team decides on ONE fill to submit

  4. The palhoncho of the team emails the mods at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with the final submission before the deadline

  5. Your beloved mods compile and post the submissions in the order they were received, and put up a voting poll

  6. Everybody votes!

  7. Results are posted and the whole damn thing starts again.

Note: Collaborations are not only permitted, they are encouraged!

All submissions must be created new for each challenge.
We will begin posting each submission as soon as we process them, in the order they were received. If your Palhoncho sends the submission in after the due date according to the gmail timestamp, your team’s submission will get posted--but we cannot guarantee that it will be posted in a timely manner.


Fic/meta must be between 800-3000 words.
Combination fic/art entries cannot have more than 4 images.
All other image-based media (including comics) cannot exceed 10 images/panels.
Cosplay must be at least 75% created or assembled new for the challenge.
(New expanded section, since so many people have asked!)
Gifs and other animations must be 8 seconds or less total. (e.g. you could have one 5-second gif and one 3-second gif)
Games are still subject to the 10-image limit.
Live-action movies are limited to one minute total.
Original music is also limited to one minute total.

The penalties for going over 3k words will be reduced in the following manner:
3000-3050: no penalty (to allow for disparities in wordcount software)
3051-3150: -30 points
3151-3250: -60 points
PLEASE NOTE that gdocs is notoriously bad at generating an accurate wordcount, so you should probably check your submission at http://www.wordcounter.net/ just to make sure.

Also, this year we are requiring transcriptions of all text on images. These transcriptions count towards the wordcount.

New this year!
No fan-created content is allowed that has not been made by members of your team specifically in response to the prompt. Mainstream creative content is fine (e.g. popular music, well-known art pieces, the Homestuck soundtrack), but not fanart, fan music, etc. This is largely to ensure that the original content in your entry is clearly identifiable as distinct from the borrowed content.

If you are submitting photos of things, please try to make sure they are decently clear/well-lit! We will not be doing image/color correction for you, and it will not be our fault if people can't make out what your submission is. Also, we suggest but do not require that you submit 3-5 photos of whatever it is from different angles, just so we can get a better look at it!

Please remember not to post your HSO creations publicly until voting ends, whether or not they are chosen as part of the team submission. We would like to keep things as anonymous as possible!

Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds are there for MAXIMUM FUN. They're a chance to earn extra points by doing mini-prompts! There's no voting and no advance sign-ups/commitments. You can participate as long as you're on any team, including Team English.
What happens is this: every two weeks, a new bonus round will open (plus an extra one for the final session). You can fill it as much as you like until the two weeks are up. It is that simple!
By the way, we are trusting everybody to put at least a minimum amount of effort into each bonus round entry. This is one of those things which is highly impractical to police, and we would like to think that everyone is decent enough not to spam the bonus round prompts for points!

Collaborative Round

The final round is the collaborative round! IDEALLY 'collaborative' means that everyone on the team pitches in in some way, whether by brainstorming or organizing or creating content. Really though, we understand folks are busy! So as long as at least three people pitch in, it counts as valid for this round. Note that there is no longer a media requirement for this round. It can be as big or as small as you like, though please do be conscious of the fact that your team has a limited amount of time to get everything done, and plan accordingly.
This round is also different because only one entry per team gets created! Basically it should be a wonderland extravaganza of teamwork and togetherness.


Teams consist of at least six people, and no more than ten. If there are fewer than six people signed up to your team by the end of sign-ups, you need to decide if you want to be on another team.
Speaking of which: there are two Very Special teams!
Team English is there to let people register to vote without actually submitting anything. This team does not have a Palhoncho. When you sign up for Team English, you are saying: I wish to participate in deciding which of the extremely awesome submissions are the most awesome, but I do not wish to actually join a content-creating team! I might do stuff for the bonus rounds if I feel like it!
Team Alchemiter is for rare-pairs. This team does have a Palhoncho but it does not have a minimum member requirement. This team is not tied to a particular ship; it could submit pale Scratch/Bro one round and caliginous Lil Cal/squiddle the next. The only restriction (aside from sticking to the prompt) is that Team Alchemiter cannot submit fanworks centered around another team's ship for the main rounds.

Your team is your family! You will learn and laugh and grow together. Aside from pitching in on the collab round if they can, each team member signs up for one round in which they must submit something to their Palhoncho. Team members may submit as many things as they like in as many rounds as they like, however YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE SUBMISSION ENTERED FOR YOUR ASSIGNED ROUND.


The Palhoncho is responsible for
  • Creating the team community account

  • Submitting the entry for each round

  • Organizing the collaborative round

  • Maintaining order and peace within the team (to a reasonable extent!)

  • Checking in with the mods when asked

  • Contacting the mods if the team has any questions or issues

Palhoncho status is bestowed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once your Palhonchosity is confirmed by a mod, please create the team comm and email the mods at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with your DW username, your ship, and the name of the community you just created from an email account you check regularly. We'll write you back with general suggestions for organization and whatnot before the end of the sign-up period.


Here's how voting works. About 48 hours after the round submissions are up, one of the mods will open the voting poll. If you are a registered member of any team, including Team English, you may cast FIVE votes. Exactly five. No more and no less.
Also, you may not vote for your own team.
Lastly, you may not vote for entries that don’t exist. (Honestly, we didn’t think we needed to say this last year, but apparently we do!)
If you do any of these things, your vote will be disqualified and your team will lose 5 points; we will be sending you and your Palhoncho an email explaining why.


This is the way that points will be allotted! If we have a significantly different number of teams from last year by the end of the sign-up period, this will be revised.
Main Rounds
1st: 1500
2nd: 1380
3rd: 1260
4th: 1140
5th: 1020
6th: 900
7th: 720
8th: 540
9th: 360
10th: 180

New this year: every team that submits an entry will receive 180 points automatically! The above placement points are above and beyond that 180-point award.

Bonus Rounds (except for br0)
First 5 entries per team in each post: 30 (per entry)
Entries 6-10: 20 (per entry)
Entries 11-15: 10 (per entry)
Entries 16+: 5 (per entry)

Collaborative Round
1st: 2250
2nd: 2070
3rd: 1890
4th: 1710
5th: 1530
6th: 1350
7th: 1080
8th: 810
9th: 540
10th: 270

You can also get points for voting (15 points per voting team member up to 90 points).
You lose points through voter fraud and through not following guidelines in main round entries.


In no particular order...
Official Announcements Tumblr
HSO Fanworks Tumblr
HSO 2011 Archive
HSO deviantArt Collection


We love feedback! Feedback is AWESOME.

Some minor technical notes:
We strongly recommend keeping team planning, mod-contacting etc. on DW, because it simply the best-suited setup for this sort of thing!

This post may be altered at any time; major alterations and alterations that take place after sign-ups close will be announced on the official announcements tumblr!
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