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Sign-Up Post

Sign-ups are now open for HSO 2012!

Sign-ups have been capped at 1500 for HSO 2012.

We will be opening sign-ups for Team English only later in the month (exact date TBD).

Be sure to check out the Pregaming Promotional for a shot at some early points!

The sorted list of teams is in progress over here.
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Man, even though I have to work in the morning I'd probably have done the same thing if my timezone was five hours off from theirs, which is silly because none of my pairings are popular enough for me to need to rush to sign-up.

(And it's still going to be hard to get to sleep early enough; I want to see updates as they come in! Love this challenge!)
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I probably should go to bed now. It's almost 6am. It's light outside. But this is just too riveting!