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Voting/Scoring Announcements!

Hey shippers!
We have some VERY important voting and scoring announcements. Please read carefully!

So, we completely forgot to account for AX in the new schedule; with that plus the delays and trouble we've been having getting everything in posting shape, we've decided that it's only fair to extend voting.
The new deadline for Phase One voting will be Saturday, July 7, 11:59PM EDT. That means that Phase Two voting will take place from as soon as we can balance and tally the Phase One votes and put together the form (probably within a few hours) on Sunday, July 8 until Saturday, July 14, 11:59PM EDT.
Round Two will close and Round Three will open as scheduled on Saturday, July 7, 11:59PM EDT.

The points awarded for voting have increased from 5 to 15 (capped at 90)! This will be applied retroactively. Right now, there are only about 75 votes in all sectors combined; we know you're all very busy, and there are a lot of entries, but we really do think it's important to vote if you can. Hopefully now you'll have a little more time, too!

We've made a slight change to the bracket balances, so that scoring will work out a little better. The top twelve entries from each sector will move forward, so you'll have to read 36 new entries instead of 30. The top 24 (out of 48 total) will receive placement points.

Remember, all teams who submit a Round One entry will receive 180 points! In future rounds, we will probably have a cut-off date for getting the full allotment of participation points, but there's been so much trouble this round that we're not instituting the cut-off yet.

Placement points go above and beyond those participation points.
The placement point structure will be:
1: 1800
2: 1620
3: 1440
4: 1260
5: 1080
6: 900
7: 720
8: 540
9-16: 360
17-24: 180

Several entries have gone over the limits in non-text media; rather than disqualifying them, we will be applying penalties in increments of 30 points. For audio/vid files, we are allowing a 2-second grace period, and applying a penalty every 5 seconds after that. For animations, we are allowing a 1-second grace period, and applying a penalty every 2 seconds after that. For illustrations, there is no interval of grace; every additional illustration over the limit will incur a penalty.

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