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Several Miscellaneous Announcements

Hello, shippers!

  • Round Two submissions are due this Saturday, July 7, at 11:59 PM EDT. Please submit your entry to the appropriate sector comm as close to that deadline as possible. After 48 hours there will be a penalty applied to your team's participation points; the grace period is to allow for re-submissions and extenuating circumstances.

  • Palhonchos should have received an invitation to one of the four Round 2 sector communities over the course of this week. If you have not received an invitation, please email us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com.

  • Palhonchos, when putting together a submission, please make sure that you are using the entry header outlined in this entry.

  • In order to clarify: 'tags not used' does not mean 'none of these tags apply.' That goes on a different line! 'Tags not used' is intended to mean 'we chose not to indicate whether these things are in our entry or not.' Please keep that in mind when tagging your entries!

  • The 'Drugs' tag will be needed for entries containing illegal and/or prescription drugs, unless you are opting out. If you wish to tag for legal drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, that's also fine and we'll accept the entry out of queue.

  • If your palhoncho seems to have disappeared, please email us as soon as possible! The sooner we are aware of an issue with palhoncho attendance, the faster we can correct it. Emailing us on Sunday morning around 2 AM is not a great time to inform us that your palhoncho has been missing for a week and you're not sure if your team's entry was submitted. Do it now, if possible! We are happy to work with teams in order to get a submission in, but we can't do that if we're not aware of the issue.

  • Email is still the preferred method of contact with the moderation team. However, if you are messaging us on Dreamwidth, please include your team name in the email, and make sure your account has messaging turned on. If not, we have to index your username in the database to get your email to contact you, and when things are busy that may mean that your response will be delayed!

  • On a related note: if you are emailing us, please include your Dreamwidth username and team. As it is, if you don't include that information, we need to index your email against the roster, which is time-consuming. In order to help us streamline things like checking on voting errors or signup processing, please help us out! This also allows to keep a record of our correspondence if we ever need to look back through the inbox.

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