May. 5th, 2012

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Sign-ups are now open for HSO 2012!

Sign-ups have been capped at 1500 for HSO 2012.

We will be opening sign-ups for Team English only later in the month (exact date TBD).

Be sure to check out the Pregaming Promotional for a shot at some early points!

The sorted list of teams is in progress over here.
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Hey shippers! Now that sign-ups have started, you know what that means--it’s time for the pregaming promotional!

If you promote this community on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, or any other social networking place on the internet where Homestuck fans might be hiding, you can comment here with the link to gain points for your team! 5 points per link, one link per person per site, with a maximum of 100 points per team.

This is the suggested text, though you are more than welcome to use your own so long as it links back to the comm in some way:

Feel free to use the official banner image as well:"
(or make your own, if you like!)

In order to redeem your points, you MUST comment here with the link.

The pregaming points are tied to your username. That means that if you change teams before the sign-up period ends, your points will go with you.

Note that chat and chatroom promos do not count for points. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but it has to be some kind of blog or forum or similar semi-permanent location!


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