May. 6th, 2012

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Hey shippers!
So, we were completely blown away by the sheer volume of sign-ups (374 at the time of this writing); as a sort of stop-gap measure while we try to get the team lists up, feel free to comment here and tell others what team(s) you signed up for!
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The following usernames were submitted but have not filled out the Wank Policy text box correctly. Please email with the required text in the body of the email.

Note that 'I read and agree to everything in this post' is not the required text! Please re-read the Wank Policy.

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Here is the full and UNEDITED list of sign-ups received. If you are not on this list, we have not received your sign-up as of 5PM EDT May 7.
Furthermore, if you have withdrawn your sign-up and are still on this list, please email us at with 'WITHDRAWAL' in the title.

NOTE THAT INCLUSION ON THIS LIST DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ON A TEAM, NOR THAT YOUR SIGN-UP IS VALID. All it means is that we received at least one sign-up from you.

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