May. 13th, 2012

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This list is not final!
You now know exactly as much as we do about who is on what team. Consider this a preliminary listing; dozens of people have been emailing us every day with changes to their signups, and we have not yet finished processing the most recent set of signups.
In other words, this list only includes sign-ups before they re-opened on May 12.

UPDATE May 13 5pm EDT: This list now incorporates all known sign-ups! HOWEVER. Please note that we have not yet emailed people who did not get into any of their choices from the first round of sign-ups and asked to be contacted. That means that if you were in the second round of sign-ups (i.e. your name is bolded) and you are listed on a full team, you may be displaced as we are proritizing the first round's replacement choices.
(update: while we're still waiting on some replies, the deadline for priority placement has passed!)
Also, several teams are no longer in order--some are listed as unconfirmed when they should be confirmed, etc. We are working on this! But it probably won't be properly categorized for another few days.

UPDATE May 13 10PM EDT: This list now has the palhonchos for all full teams and most confirmed teams tentatively marked! If you were the first person to say 'Yes' or the only person on a full team to say 'If necessary' to palhonchosity on your sign-up, we've marked a [p] by your name. If you are the officially designated palhoncho for your team, go ahead and set up your team community; email us at as outlined here. We'll be in touch later in the month with an Official Email!

If nobody on a full team marked 'Yes' on their signup form, we've put a [p?] by the names of everyone who marked 'If necessary.' Feel free to discuss it--or just go ahead and volunteer! First come first served. If you do not have a designated palhoncho by the end of May, we will assign palhonchosity to the first person who marked 'If necessary' on the list.
If you believe your palhoncho designation (or lack thereof) to be in error, please email us!

UPDATE May 14 (IN PROGRESS): We are currently working on getting all extant team comms posted! If your ship has a comm listed, please join it as soon as possible. People who have not joined their team comm by the end of May will be dropped from the HSO. We'll make another announcement closer to the time though, so don't worry!

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