Jun. 5th, 2012

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Hi shippers,
The mods have now been discussing the tagging policy for quite some time. We want to make the entries accessible to as many people as possible--but we also want to make tagging the entries possible for creators, especially as there was no clear and general understanding of what triggers were at the time of sign-ups.
As a result, we have come up with the following solution to try to maximize the protections we can offer to our community. While we are in no way trying to dismiss the severity of rare triggers, numerous people have expressed serious anxiety over the length of the original list and their ability to account for everything listed--especially as many of these tags do not have firm boundaries in their definitions. Our hope is that this system will make it possible for creators to actually use the tagging system, while still offering adequate warnings to a majority of participants.
Over 200 people wrote in with ~400 requests for ~100 different tags. The 15 tags requested by 5 or more people account for roughly 300 of those requests. We feel that this is a reasonable balance; if we extended the Category Two cut-off to 3 or more requests, it would double the number of tags while only accounting for 30 more requests.
In addition, we will be requiring that you either list all characters and ships in the fanwork, or opt out of listing.

The following list of tags were requested by more than 10 people. When tagging your main round entries, you must either 1) tag them, or 2) opt out of using each tag individually (a blanket 'no Cat.1 tags used' is acceptable).
Category One tags )
Category One sample tagging )

The following list of tags were requested by 5-10 people. You must either 1) use these tags or 2) opt out of using these tags. If you wish to opt out of using individual tags, you may do so.
Category Two tags )
Category Two sample tagging )

Feel free to elaborate on any tags, or add your own. If you would like to use Category Three tags (tags with fewer than 5 requests), please email us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com and we will send you the fully updated list.
Sample of full tagging section )

We welcome your feedback, but ask that you email us if you want to be sure we will hear what you have to say; we cannot guarantee that we will be able to read and/or respond to every comment.


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