Jun. 9th, 2012

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We are currently seeking First Readers.

In order to double-check that the tags have been appropriately applied and to double-check that entries comply with the round requirements, we are now accepting applications for a team of First Readers. This is what the position would entail:
First Readers will be assigned a certain number of teams to read for--most likely 10-20.
Palhonchos will upload their team's entry as a post to the round comm by the deadline. First Readers will then go through each of their assigned teams' entries within the next 48 hours, noting any use of the 15 listed tags (excluding tags marked unused). If the tag section is inaccurate, the First Reader will note the discrepancy at the bottom of the tag section.
Furthermore, the First Readers should note whether or not entries comply with the round requirements (e.g. whether the wordcount is accurate, whether the number of images used exceeds the limit, etc).

If you would like to apply to be a First Reader, please email homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with your username and team, any beta/editing experience that you might have, and why you are applying to be a First Reader.


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