Jun. 26th, 2012

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Hey, shippers!

We've got all the Round 1 entries up now, just about, and it's almost time for voting! Exciting, I know.

Before you head to the comm to read, please go here and click 'Join Community'! This will enable you to read all the entries that have been posted this round, even those that have not been unlocked by palhonchos.

Then go to [community profile] hso2012_r1 and scroll down to the section that says 'Most Popular Tags.' It'll be on the left. Click on the tag corresponding to your assigned sector. This should give you a list of all the entries you'll be voting on! We do want to stress that we're adjusting the voting form to account for which entries have and haven't been read, and we absolutely do not want people to read anything they think might make them uncomfortable! So don't feel obligated to get through everything. If you have time, you might also want to take a look at all the awesome entries in the other sectors, too!

Palhonchos should go and unlock their team's entry as soon as possible. (Or whoever posted the entry--I know we've had a couple of absences.)

Lastly, since this has been coming up a lot in the past few days, please, please contact us if your palhoncho has gone MIA or is otherwise not performing their required duties. Do not wait until after main round entries are due to tell us that you haven't heard from them in weeks and you don't know whether they submitted an entry. While we understand that sometimes life happens, palhonchos are vital to keeping a team intact and a team's experience enjoyable, and we do expect all palhonchos to be active and involved with their team on an ongoing basis. If yours is not we would really like to hear about it, I cannot stress this enough.

At the very least, your team should have a defined process for a) assigning people and tasks for each main round entry, if your team's a collaborative one OR b) choosing which of several potential entries will be submitted for voting. If it does not, this is a concern! Please do not vaguely waft your entry in an absent palhoncho's direction and hope for the best. You deserve a friendleader who communicates with you.

Our email is always open. We are busy, as we always are, but we will try to respond to team-related concerns as quickly as possible.


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