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And now, the moment you've been waiting so patiently for: the very last HSO post!
We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this challenge possible--mods, first readers, data crunchers, and emergency volunteers of all stripes (y'all know who you are!)--but especially all of you, for participating. When we first started up HSO, we could never have imagined that it would become the behemoth that it did, and we have been continually astounded by the effort, creativity, and sheer ambition of the work you've put forth here, both in 2011 and now. And we just want to say--we've never thought of this as a competition! You guys are all awesome, points or no points, and you should be proud of what you've accomplished over the past couple of months.
Unfortunately, it's become increasingly obvious that even with a full team of supporting mods, the HSO has gotten way, way too big for us to handle. This sort of event really isn't structured to handle more than a couple hundred participants, and it's simply not fair to anyone involved for us to try to keep going.
In short, we regret to announce that there will be no HSO 2013--this is the end of the line for us. Running the HSO for the past two seasons has been an unforgettable experience, and we're so glad you could share it with us! We wish you all the best in your future shipping endeavors.
Your friendly mod team

Full team rankings and breakdown

Feel free to use this post to celebrate! Y'all rock. ♥
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Congrats to team Dave<3Rose<3Terezi! You guys have done fabulous, and all your entries were gorgeous!

To my team Aradia<3Feferi - you guys have been amazing to work with. I may not have talked with all of you as much as I would have liked, but you have been an amazing team to have a long side me. The enthusiasm you have shown and your complete love for what is essentially a crack ship is admirable. Especially to my vice-honcho, Rochi - she has been a god send to both me and the team, keeping track of points and participating in literally every round.

I'd also like to thank everybody here - this event had let me met people, enjoy my ships, receive some amazing gifts from both artists/writers I admire and then some and do some things I never thought I would with the home stuck community. Those choose your own adventure stories? One of my favorite parts of the whole thing!

Hearing there will not be a HSO next year is somewhat heart breaking - I loved seeing so much stuff done in such high spirits, and I was really looking forward to trying again next year. But I guess it is for good reason, and better not to let HSO lie how it is.

Thank you mods for being amazing and somehow keeping track of so many people, thank you HSO community for making this the wonderful event it was, and thank you to team Aradia<3Feferi for making this an experience to remember. Being your palhoncho was certainly an experience of a lifetime. *ba dum tsk*