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Teams who have yet to either check in, or communicate with us about the check-ins:

bro♥dad (update: palhonchosity awarded to jabberwockyx)
dave♥tavros (update: palhonchosity awarded to joniness)
feferi♥vriska (update: palhonchosity awarded to thischubbyvato)

If you are the Palhoncho of one of these teams, please contact us IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to retain Palhoncho status.
If you are on these teams but are not the Palhoncho, please consider volunteering for the Palhoncho position. We recommend discussing it amongst your team, but we will be awarding Palhonchosity on a first-come first-served basis.

Late Check-ins

Several palhonchos have emailed us about extenuating circumstances delaying their check-in procedures. That's fine, and the deadline for delayed check-ins is June 8 11:59PM EDT.
For the teams whose have not been in touch: you must have a Palhoncho and Vice-Palhoncho chosen by that same date, June 8 11:59PM EDT. Please have your Palhoncho email homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with a list of any absences by that time.
The deadlines for Alchemiter team check-ins (due to their late formation, among other things) is also June 8 11:59PM EDT.

Alchemiter Teams

If you are on Team Cruxtruder or Team Incipisphere and have not checked in via email, please do so immediately! Additionally, if you are on either of those teams and would like to volunteer for Palhonchoship (or switch to another team), please email us as soon as possible.
If you are on any of the other Alchemiter teams, please make sure to join your comms and check in with your Palhoncho.

Update: Incipisphere now has a palhoncho and a team comm ([community profile] inshipisphere)! Incipisphere members, please continue to check in via email, but please also join the team comm.
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Here is the updated list of teams! It is accurate as of July 16, 10am EDT.

If you think there is an error, please email us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to read and respond to any comments posted, here or elsewhere.

Team English sign-ups are listed here.

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And that's a wrap! All members of four-or-fewer member teams have been moved to Team English; a full list can be found at the bottom of this post. If anyone has been placed on this list in error, please email us immediately.

We are currently compiling a list of palhonchos who have not checked in and members who have been reported absent in check-in; once we have done so, we will reassign palhonchoship where necessary and open up team slots for you to switch, if you would like. That list should go up some time this weekend.

Team changes will be closed for 24 hours (until 11:59 PM June 2nd) while we sort out all these changes and absences.

At this time, we would like to request that members of Teams Cruxtruder and Incipisphere email us individually to check in, as there's been some general confusion about the Alchemiter teams and we'd just like to know who's still present, where you are, and so on! Additionally, members of the remaining Alchemiter teams (Ectobiology, Kernelsprite, Parcel Pyxis) should join their respective team comms ([community profile] shipping_lab, [community profile] kernelspritelounge, [community profile] team_parcelpyxis) immediately and check in with their palhoncho, if they have not done so already.

Teams Condesce♥Handmaid and Dave♥Vriska, congratulations on becoming conifmed! Members of Dave♥Vriska should confer with one another and appoint a palhoncho and vice-palhoncho as soon as possible. Once you have done so, the palhoncho should email us with that information and the address of your team comm.

A revised tagging policy will go up some time this weekend or early next week; we apologize for the delay, but we've all been very swamped lately, and we don't want to put it up until there are enough of us on hand to respond to your concerns in a timely fashion! ♥

And on that note, we've got one last announcement to make. The past couple of weeks have been pretty difficult for all of us on the mod team, as we've all had very busy personal lives in addition to our HSO responsibilities, and I ([personal profile] influx) think that at times, it became too much for us. Unfortunately, this means we're a little behind! We are currently in discussion about how to best restructure the challenge with regards to scoring, rounds, and so forth so that we can run it more efficiently, and we are also in the process of looking for a sixth moderator. We're confident that, after the necessary changes are made, everything will run smoothly and without delay--however, this will take some time. Accordingly, we are pushing the HSO schedule back one week.

What this means:
  • The round 1 and collab round prompts will go up as scheduled on June 2nd (tomorrow), but round 1 entries will be due one week later than originally announced, at 11:59 PM on June 23. The voting period will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Bonus Round 1 will also be delayed one week. It will go up the evening of June 9.

  • We will be publishing an amended schedule at the end of the week! Until then, please assume that all deadlines and events are one week later than stated on the schedule page.

Below is the list of participants still on four-or-less-member teams as of 11:59 PM June 1st.


Thank you for bearing with us this long--you've all been great! We're sorry you've had so much of a wait, and even sorrier to extend it, but we hope you're still excited about the challenge, because we definitely are. ♥
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We're getting close to the deadline, so this is your reminder: you must join a confirmed team by 11:59 PM EDT June 1st, (roughly 12 hours from now) or you will not be able to participate. To that end, I've compiled a list of people currently on unconfirmed teams, organized for easier perusal! We will not be emailing people individually, so please check the list for your name if you are unsure.

We encourage those of you on unconfirmed teams to regroup and see if you can unite six people behind a common cause, but if not, this post has a full listing of open team slots, and there is always Team Alchemiter or English.

However, since there are so many people on unconfirmed teams and we've received a lot of questions about this:

We are giving people on 5-person teams a week's grace past June 1.

That means that if you are on a 5-person team by the end of today, we won't automatically put you on Team English; instead, you can hang on for a week in 'limbo' to see if anyone switches to your team. If by June 8, 11:59PM EDT, your team is still unconfirmed, you will be automatically moved to Team English.
If you would like to withdraw your signup rather than be moved to Team English, you may do so by emailing us.

Lastly, for all HSO participants, we encourage you to check the named team or Alchemiter roster. With this many participants, we are bound to make mistakes, so your best bet is to be responsible for your own signup! Email any corrections to us (homestuck.shipping at gmail).

Hopefully by now you have joined your team comm and checked in with your palhoncho and fellow members! If not, please do so immediately. If your palhoncho appears to be missing, please let us know.

unconfirmed team members, sorted by number of members, then alphabetically )

The following is a list of absences reported. Please contact your palhoncho ASAP, or you will be marked MIA and your sign-up will be rendered invalid.


All team changes should be emailed to homestuck.shipping at gmail.
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Due to personal issues the admins have not been able to meet for any significant amount of time over the past few days to discuss the tagging system. Because of this, we have decided that the best course of action right now is admin-locking the original trigger warning/tags post while we continue to work towards a solution.
General reminder that email is the best way to get in touch with us, as we cannot guarantee we will be able to see and respond to your comment.
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The following post contains brief textual descriptions/examples and discussion of trauma and being triggered.

It has been brought to our attention that we have been remiss in not providing educational resources on triggers, which has caused a great deal of confusion, misunderstandings, and disrespect.
We hope that this post will clear things up a bit. If you feel that the information presented here is inaccurate in any way, we would appreciate your input and correction.

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In the sign-up form, we asked for 'any triggers you would like to be warned for' specifically because we wanted to emphasize the serious nature of the request, but in later conversations with various individuals who have expressed that they did not interpret it as specifically and seriously as we intended it, it has become apparent that the phrase 'trigger warning' is being taken more broadly. Furthermore, as has been pointed out to us, 'trigger warning' is not a value-neutral term; it does real and significant harm, particularly to individuals whose identities are deeply connected to the items listed.
We have discussed the matter and agreed that it is appropriate to amend the categorization to 'tags.' Thank you to everyone who called us out, and we apologize for our mistake.

With regards to languages: mimicre made an Anglo-centric and extremely thoughtless error by amending the list to include 'non-English languages' rather than a particular language that was asked for. They sincerely apologize for their hurtful behavior.
We are currently reviewing the situation and attempting to find a solution that causes the least possible amount of harm. If you have any input or suggestions, they would be much appreciated.

One thing that we had not previously considered was the inclusion of a 'no tags used' option. We agree that this is a necessary option to offer, and will be implementing it throughout HSO 2012.

We have made several serious missteps in this matter, and we would like to extend a formal apology to those we have hurt. We ask for your patience as well as your forgiveness in these things, and we understand if the way that we handled the matter has made you feel too unsafe to continue participating in this year's HSO.

With that said, we want to emphasize that we are treating each trigger warning request with the utmost seriousness. On the balance of things, it does far more harm to attempt to 'vet' requests or otherwise seek some standard of 'legitimacy' than it does to assume unusual triggers are 'joke entries' or 'trolling.' If you would prefer for us to tag your main round entries, we are willing to do that for you.
As we have said before, we are not taking points off anyone; we are not punishing anyone in any way for not including trigger warnings. We did not post that list so that you would be concerned about following the rules. We posted it to let you know how best to make this a safe community for your fellow HSO participants, and we posted it to let you know exactly what we will be looking for to tag the main entries with.
We are not limiting your content creation in any way. Entries containing every single one of the listed requests are still considered valid for the HSO. All that we ask is that you tag the entries (or opt out of tagging them) in order to give your fellow HSO participants a heads-up.
To reiterate: absolutely nothing has changed in terms of what you can or cannot do, and what is and is not acceptable for the HSO. If your team's main round entries contain untagged elements and you do not opt out of the tagging system, we will tag them for you and post your entry as usual. We are simply giving you the option to assist us in this endeavor.

The HSO is not a public space, like AO3 or other places that only use very common trigger tags. It is a private event with needs specific to its particular participants, who have a finite list of triggers. Our goal is to keep these specific people safe, and we can do that by tagging entries appropriately.

For now, comments to this entry are screened. Once the mods are able to be present to respond to comments in a timely manner (most likely within 5-10 hours), we will un-screen comments here and on the previous two posts.
Comments are now unscreened, and we have no plans to screen them again at this moment.
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Here is what the list of requested trigger warnings is:
A guide to assist you in not hurting your fellow participants in the HSO.
That post is not a list of rules, it is information.

It is not in any way appropriate for you to decide what other people can or cannot be triggered by. You do not get to decide that, and we will brook no argument on that topic. Furthermore, there is no hard and fast rule for triggers, because they do not follow a logical structure. There is no line we can point to, saying 'ten years is a significant age difference, but nine years is not.' Asking us for those numbers does not constitute asking us for clarification.

Practically speaking, a good rule of thumb is to consider whether the potential trigger is a significant theme in the work. When in doubt, warn and specify.
And finally, nobody is getting points taken away if they forget to add trigger warnings. Nobody is getting disqualified, nobody is getting punished in any way. We have spent the past week reworking the schedule so that we have enough time to read through the entries and add trigger warnings where necessary before posting them to the main HSO comm. We know you are going to miss stuff. We are going to miss stuff ourselves.
Nevertheless, we are committed to providing trigger warnings for all of the main round entries, and we have no intention of giving up on that commitment.
If you do not feel that you can agree with this mission in word and in spirit, the HSO may not be the right event for you.

Because of the reactions to the trigger warnings post, we are postponing the bonus round 0 for 24 hours (until May 20 11:59PM EDT) so that we can be sure everyone here is on the same page before we open the main comm to content creation that might potentially endanger HSO participants.

Edit: comments have now been unscreened.
Please be advised that there is a flashing gif about halfway down the page.
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Hey shippers!
This is the Team Shuffle post. Feel free to beg, bribe, cajole, and convince others to join your teams here! But hang on a sec, we've got some announcements first.

A lot of you have started bonding on your team comms, which is great! We wanted to suggest a few questions for you to ask while your team is still getting to know each other. All of this stuff is pretty basic and necessary, but you'd be surprised how often people forget to ask!
  • Preferred pronouns*
  • Time zone
  • Preferred method of contact/communication
  • Media that you work with

*Quick reminder that 'male pronouns' and 'female pronouns' aren't really a thing that exist; for example, people who are female use a variety of pronouns, and not everyone who uses 'she/her' is female!

If you haven't joined your team community (and your palhoncho has already created it), please get on that ASAP! If you do not join by June 1, 11:59PM EDT, you will be considered a no-show and your sign-up will be rendered invalid. The only exception is for communities that form less than 48 hours before June 1, 11:59PM EDT; they will be given an extra 24 hours to sign up.

And lastly, some of you know this already, but we're disallowing team switches starting on June 1, 11:59PM EDT. This is in order to give the mods 24 hours to sort out final team rosters and prep the spreadsheets before the games begin in earnest. You can still switch teams after the HSO starts, but you must follow the procedure outlined in the FAQ. If you are not on a confirmed team by June 1, 11:59PM EDT, your sign-up will be considered invalid and you will not be able to participate in HSO 2012.

On May 28, in 10 days, we'll be asking people to contact their palhonchos for a roll call, either on your comm or via email. If you do not respond within four days or arrange for your absence beforehand, you will be considered a no-show and your sign-up will be rendered invalid.
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Hey shippers!

There is one open slot on the following teams:

The first person to comment on this post for each team will be switched over to that team. You must already have a valid sign-up for HSO 2012.
If you mention multiple teams in your comment, please rank them in order of priority.
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Here are the fully updated Alchemiter rosters, with palhonchos marked! We've decided not to name any particular team 'Alchemiter' this year, because it might be confusing; instead, we're treating Alchemiter as a category.

If you think you are (or are not) on this list in error, please contact homestuck.shipping@gmail.com.

edit: [personal profile] cephalopod has kindly put together a list of already-claimed ships for Alchemiter teams to use! Click here for the spreadsheet.

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This list is not final!
You now know exactly as much as we do about who is on what team. Consider this a preliminary listing; dozens of people have been emailing us every day with changes to their signups, and we have not yet finished processing the most recent set of signups.
In other words, this list only includes sign-ups before they re-opened on May 12.

UPDATE May 13 5pm EDT: This list now incorporates all known sign-ups! HOWEVER. Please note that we have not yet emailed people who did not get into any of their choices from the first round of sign-ups and asked to be contacted. That means that if you were in the second round of sign-ups (i.e. your name is bolded) and you are listed on a full team, you may be displaced as we are proritizing the first round's replacement choices.
(update: while we're still waiting on some replies, the deadline for priority placement has passed!)
Also, several teams are no longer in order--some are listed as unconfirmed when they should be confirmed, etc. We are working on this! But it probably won't be properly categorized for another few days.

UPDATE May 13 10PM EDT: This list now has the palhonchos for all full teams and most confirmed teams tentatively marked! If you were the first person to say 'Yes' or the only person on a full team to say 'If necessary' to palhonchosity on your sign-up, we've marked a [p] by your name. If you are the officially designated palhoncho for your team, go ahead and set up your team community; email us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com as outlined here. We'll be in touch later in the month with an Official Email!

If nobody on a full team marked 'Yes' on their signup form, we've put a [p?] by the names of everyone who marked 'If necessary.' Feel free to discuss it--or just go ahead and volunteer! First come first served. If you do not have a designated palhoncho by the end of May, we will assign palhonchosity to the first person who marked 'If necessary' on the list.
If you believe your palhoncho designation (or lack thereof) to be in error, please email us!

UPDATE May 14 (IN PROGRESS): We are currently working on getting all extant team comms posted! If your ship has a comm listed, please join it as soon as possible. People who have not joined their team comm by the end of May will be dropped from the HSO. We'll make another announcement closer to the time though, so don't worry!

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The following usernames were submitted but have not filled out the Wank Policy text box correctly. Please email homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with the required text in the body of the email.

Note that 'I read and agree to everything in this post' is not the required text! Please re-read the Wank Policy.

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Here is the full and UNEDITED list of sign-ups received. If you are not on this list, we have not received your sign-up as of 5PM EDT May 7.
Furthermore, if you have withdrawn your sign-up and are still on this list, please email us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com with 'WITHDRAWAL' in the title.

NOTE THAT INCLUSION ON THIS LIST DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ON A TEAM, NOR THAT YOUR SIGN-UP IS VALID. All it means is that we received at least one sign-up from you.

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Hey shippers!
So, we were completely blown away by the sheer volume of sign-ups (374 at the time of this writing); as a sort of stop-gap measure while we try to get the team lists up, feel free to comment here and tell others what team(s) you signed up for!
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Sign-ups are now open for HSO 2012!

Sign-ups have been capped at 1500 for HSO 2012.

We will be opening sign-ups for Team English only later in the month (exact date TBD).

Be sure to check out the Pregaming Promotional for a shot at some early points!

The sorted list of teams is in progress over here.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:27 pm
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Much of the format and info and text is lifted with permission from [livejournal.com profile] goblinmarket_sw--much love to [livejournal.com profile] insane_duckfish and [livejournal.com profile] vociferocity! Any and all errors are [personal profile] mimicre's.

Please note that there have been some changes since last year!

First and perhaps most importantly, the Wank Policy has been updated. Hopefully the new version will make life simpler for everyone (but mostly us).
Second, the schedule is now on this page, and it’s a little more streamlined.
Third, we’ve added the general main round guidelines to this post, including new transcription rules and new image maximums.
Fourth, the collab round now has no media requirement.
Fifth, we are now requiring attendance check-ins after every round in order to make sure team counts are accurate.
And finally, the point system is slightly updated; mostly the changes involve consolidating all the changes we made throughout HSO 2011, but also we are now awarding points for submitting main round entries regardless of how they place.


The Homestuck Olympics is an annual summer challenge intended to bring out the best in the Homestuck fandom.
These are our goals:
  • Having fun
  • Hanging out with fellow fans
  • Making cool stuff

These are not our goals:
  • 'Proving' that one ship is better/worse than another
  • Creating drama
  • Making people angry and upset

See also: Wank Policy

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This post may be altered at any time; major alterations and alterations that take place after sign-ups close will be announced on the official announcements tumblr!


Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:45 pm
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The majority of this post has been lifted with permission from [livejournal.com profile] st_respect; some has also been lifted with permission from [livejournal.com profile] goblinmarket_sw. Any and all errors are [personal profile] mimicre's!


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