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A Guide to Submitting Entries

Hi, shippers!

It's come to our attention that we have a lot of Dreamwidth newbies this year who might be a little confused about posting their submissions. We want to streamline the process as much as possible, so this is a guide to submitting entries with cuts!

First, click on Post Entry under Create. The colors might be different based on your site settings, but Post Entry is always under Create. See below!

Second, click on the drop-down menu next to "Post to". Select the community you're hoping to submit to, in this example [community profile] hso2012_r1.

Now's the hard part--the actual entry. For the purposes of the HSO, please put a subject to your entry in the format outlined here

If you've never used Dreamwidth before, the default may look like this:

In which case you need to change it to HTML by clicking on the tab in the top left:

Then post in the copy and paste format we gave you here and fill out the form. Remember to change any tag information as required. Copy and paste your entry within the final cut.

Hit preview to make sure none of your html coding for italics or images or anything is showing, and then hit post! It will go into the queue and we'll double-check it for tags and formatting errors.

As a formatting note, if you are posting images in your fic, you can use the following code:


We hope that helped! Good luck.