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Why does sector 3 have 13 entries in the list? Is that an error or on purpose?
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pssst, I think the actual votes are supposed to go on the other post here: http://hs-olympics.dreamwidth.org/20166.html
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slowly dies of shame
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happens to the best of us. I read everything like five times in a fit of paranoia before I post anything. And then still post wrong.
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I realized late that comments on the voting post are going to be posted later, so I'll ask here. In Round 2 (phase 2) do we see and vote all the entries or only the ones from our corresponding sector (For example, I'm from Sector 1, do I vote Sector 4 entries only?)

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I'm neither a mod nor affiliated with the mods, but maybe I can help ♥

Round 2 Phase 2 voting includes ALL the fics in the four columns above. You must choose 5 fics out of all of them (which is really hard!), then follow the instructions in the Round 2 Phase 2 voting post to vote for those 5.

In Round 3 Phase 1 voting (which hasn't yet been posted so don't worry about that just now), you will be voting only on the Round 3 fics from Sector 4.
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Thanks! ...Now this round is going to be hard Uu
Though there are other things besides fanfics, anyway, thanks!

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Wow, good catch. I've totally voted for art and other media during this thing too, so there's not even an explanation for it. /puzzled shrug
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