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miscellaneous announcements

Hey, shippers! We've got a few announcements and reminders for you all as the first round progresses!

  • Points for bonus round 1 prompts have been capped at 100 points. You may prompt as many times as you like, but you will only gain points for the first 20 prompts your team posts; this applies to all entries, from the beginning of the post. We're sorry we have to change the rules a little on you, but we hope this will help to recenter the bonus round on creative work and prevent abuse.

  • We have updated the roster to reflect all current absences. If you would like to switch to an open slot, now or at any time during the competition, you are free to do so using the protocol here. If you are on the absences list, and this is in error, please contact both us and your palhoncho immediately.

  • We are still accepting First Readers! Details are in this post.

  • Members of Team Cruxtruder, Ectobiology, and Kernelsprite, please check your emails, as we'd like to discuss a few things with you before we move forward!

  • And finally, we'd like to remind you again that your main round entries are due at 11:59 PM June 23. Palhonchos, you should be receiving an invite to the R1 comm in the next couple of days, and will post your entries member-locked to the comm when the time comes!

  • That's it for now! Happy shipping~
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Just to make sure I'm totally clear on the first bit: each individual team member can earn 100 points through prompting (so a six-person team can earn 600 points at best while one with ten people can earn up to 1000), it's not the team as a whole which can earn 100 points total through prompting?