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Bonus Round 6

Bonus Round 6


Hey, shippers! This is the last bonus round, which we’re all very sad about. So let’s talk about some of the awesome stuff created throughout the HSO!

  1. Rec at least three fanworks from the main or bonus rounds! They do not have to be connected to each other in any way.

  2. You may not recommend material created by members of your own team.

  3. Each recommendation must include at least three full sentences about why it’s awesome. Please use the format specified below.

  4. You may recommend as many sets as you like, so long as each set has at least three recs in it.

Title & Rec Format
If you are doing a fill, use this format in your title.

Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team YOU belong to; please use the characters and quadrant, not whatever portmanteau or nickname you've come up with.
If your team name is not in this format and in the title we cannot guarantee that it will be counted.

The content of the post should be in this format (extend as necessary):

Posts not using this format in the title will be understood to be unofficial discussion posts, no matter what they contain. They, like all comments on the comm, are subject to the Wank Policy.

For fills (as stated here):
First 5 entries in each post: 30 (per entry)
Entries 6-10 in each post: 20 (per entry)
Entries 11-15 in each post: 10 (per entry)
Entries 16+ in each post: 5 (per entry)

If you have any questions, please ask them at the FAQ post here, or email them to us (homestuck.shipping at gmail). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will see them in a timely fashion!

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