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Bonus Round 6

Bonus Round 6


Hey, shippers! This is the last bonus round, which we’re all very sad about. So let’s talk about some of the awesome stuff created throughout the HSO!

  1. Rec at least three fanworks from the main or bonus rounds! They do not have to be connected to each other in any way.

  2. You may not recommend material created by members of your own team.

  3. Each recommendation must include at least three full sentences about why it’s awesome. Please use the format specified below.

  4. You may recommend as many sets as you like, so long as each set has at least three recs in it.

Title & Rec Format
If you are doing a fill, use this format in your title.

Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team YOU belong to; please use the characters and quadrant, not whatever portmanteau or nickname you've come up with.
If your team name is not in this format and in the title we cannot guarantee that it will be counted.

The content of the post should be in this format (extend as necessary):

Posts not using this format in the title will be understood to be unofficial discussion posts, no matter what they contain. They, like all comments on the comm, are subject to the Wank Policy.

For fills (as stated here):
First 5 entries in each post: 30 (per entry)
Entries 6-10 in each post: 20 (per entry)
Entries 11-15 in each post: 10 (per entry)
Entries 16+ in each post: 5 (per entry)

If you have any questions, please ask them at the FAQ post here, or email them to us (homestuck.shipping at gmail). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will see them in a timely fashion!
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Silly question, but where do the prompts come in? ^^;
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I screw these up every time. No one should let me post anything.

worst mod.

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FILL: Team Dave<3Karkat

[personal profile] lacertae_dreamscape 2012-08-12 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Two Hives of the Same Whole (http://hso2012-r3s1.dreamwidth.org/5150.html)
Team: Nepeta<3Terezi
Creator: Team Entry Round3
Why I’m recommending it: It is a fanart, and a beautiful one at that, about the hives of both Nepeta and Terezi. The hives are empty, but they still show a lot of their owners. I love this entry because the fanart, while simple in concept, is very well constructed, and shows a lot of the characterization of both trolls in a way that makes it both InCharacter with the series and also fitting with the pairing itself. I love how both halves sport some similiarity (drawing on the walls of the hive/cavern), and how they complement each other. I also really enjoy the style and the colouring itself, and the feeling of the whole picture shows how much thought and work the artist put into it.

Rec 2: I can barely Sleep in this Casino (http://hso2012-r1.dreamwidth.org/25246.html)
Team: John<3Rose
Creator: Team Entry Round1
Why I’m recommending it: I admit I was left completely shocked by the end of the fic. The addition of that small flash scene that detailed exactly what happened, finally offering a flash (no pun intended) of light to the whole situation, explaining what had happened and clearing up the doubts, was really a stroke of genius. The page was well done, it moved on not too fast but not too slow, either, and the characterization was really good, for all characters included. The ending sort of broke my heart, but I loved it quite a lot because it was so very well executed. Definitely a great entry.

Rec 3: Gambling: A Powerpoint (http://hso2012-r1.dreamwidth.org/22604.html)
Team: AR<3PM<3WV
Creator: Team Entry Round1
Why I’m recommending it: The entry is just far too adorable. The series of images, with some writing to go with them and an actual powerpoint presentation, was simply pure genius. I loved the art, simple and delightful, the decision to dress all three characters as what they represent instead of their usual canon clothes, thus giving either the illusion of a different life, an outcome that is happy and bright (or kind of sad depending what hints you take from the pictures) and painting such a vivid background for the comic, giving the readers the feeling of happiness the three share between them. I simply love this entry, and everything it implies, both the silly parts and the somewhat more sad ones (again, depending how you take the last panel).
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[personal profile] fayharley 2012-08-12 09:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Untitled Ψiioniic ♥/♠ Her Imperious Condescension
Team: Team Eridan<>Rose
Creator: [personal profile] astrophrenia
Why I’m recommending it: BR1 inspired a lot of people to play around not only with different genres, but also format. The prompt here was to mix found poetry and fairy tales. The result is a wonderful fusion of styles. It uses excerpts from Homestuck along with classic excerpts from Grimm and modern popular music to create one unified whole.

Rec 2: Melted Snowman Tutorial (Slick ♠ Snowman)
Team: Team Parcelpyxis
Creator: [personal profile] zivlok
Why I’m recommending it: More found poetry, here from a source you wouldn't have thought of using for a horror prompt: a recipe. Through changing the pacing the words change from an innocent activity for kids to a truly creepy love poem to pain. The effect is a little like glancing something out of the corner of your eye. The fact you can't see it clearly makes it almost more horrible.

Rec 3: Untitled Doc Scratch ♥ Ms. Paint
Team: Team Aradia<>Dave
Creator: [personal profile] eremiticantiquarian
Why I’m recommending it: An unusual pairing to be sure, but this story makes it work. Scratch is a man of many words, too many to be honest, and the connection to propaganda speech is clear one. Here Scratch's bombastic tone is used to sing the praises of the humble Ms. Paint in an attempt at seduction. The result is as hilariously tongue in cheek as you'd expect.
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[personal profile] veira 2012-08-12 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Davesprite central all up ins.

Rec 1: rete mirabile
Team: alpha!Dave♥alpha!Rose
Creator: lionpyh
Why I’m recommending it: I love fics where Davesprite is described as an actual video game construct, and this does so marvelously. I also love fics where Jade is TOTALLY RAD AND COMPETENT. Holy cow, Jade is so great. The writing in this is really lovely too, and I will never get enough of this story.

Rec 2: untitled
Team: John♥Davesprite
Creator: chouettechouette
Why I’m recommending it: Because it's a lovely piece of art! Really great shading and coloring, and a background that must have taken forever, because it looks stunning. Perspective!! Also, I have a lot of love for human Davesprite with wings and white shades. This Jade is the most precious thing, too. I bet she is going to stuff her little squiddle bag with treats.

Rec 3: untitled
Team: parcelpyxis
Creator: veebox
Why I’m recommending it: Davesprite and the auto-responder interacting is really interesting to me because of the fun existential crises you can spin on them. This does so marvelously with simple text and lovely illustrations. It also has AR failing to remember how humans work, even though at one point he was derived from one. So great.
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Fill: Team Dirk<3Jake<3Jane<3Roxy

[personal profile] playerprophet 2012-08-12 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Retro Gaming Rec List, or: Bonus Round 3 Appreciation Post

Rec 1: Silent Hill Crossover
Team: Nepeta♥Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] crunchcaptain
Why I’m recommending it: I'm glad that this showed up on my dash a ton after it was posted on tumblr. Not only is the art adorable and really unique, but it's a really effective re-casting if you think about it. Although Rose might not be cop material, the role that Cybil plays as a comforting informant, I think is really accurate. And then Jade can be Lisa and Dave can be that dude what's on drugs.

Rec 2: Mother Crossover
Team: Nepeta♥Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] fraymotif
Why I’m recommending it: I wish I was as familiar with the original Mother so I could make another good analysis of the context here BUT I CAN'T. All I can do is just point at this picture and go "LOOK LOOK IT'S BEAUTIFUL". The composition itself tells the story, so I don't even need to know the original context to appreciate the relevance here, and neither should you! I'd spell it out but I don't think I really need to.

Rec 3: Gamzee = Kefka
Team: Eridan♠Sollux
Creator: [personal profile] kephra
Why I’m recommending it: Kephra is apologetic about this being a photoshop manip but it's still a really amazing one, and what a perfect cast swap. Both Gamzee and Kefka are suspicious but largely unassuming and innocent people, one more trustworthy than the other. With the current developments in Gamzee's role I'd be interested in seeing if he ends up similarly. He is up to some things after all, but maybe not with Kefka's pure ambition and greed. Anyway, this is beautiful! Final Fantasy VI is my favourite game ever, so if you're a fan too you should appreciate this!

Rec 4: Parasite Rose
Team: Bro<3Dave
Creator: [personal profile] sugoiprincess
Why I’m recommending it: I also did a Parasite Eve fill for this round myself, but both sugoiprincess and I had Rose tagged for Eve to begin with. The recasting in that sense is so good it could probably even do for it's own crossover, hopefully with a better ending for Rose. Warning for body horror! But my god, look at that art. Those colours! Ahhh!

Rec 5: Legend of Feferi: A Link to the Past
Team: John♥Rose
Creator: [personal profile] jelajade
Why I’m recommending it: Aradia!Link is something I never knew I wanted. Of course it's easy to figure Tavros into that role considering his outfit, but I think everything is at least 5 times better when it has ladies. This rec is worth it too just for the looks on the faces of Karkat and Eridan in the bg.

Rec 6: Grubagotchi
Team: Eridan♥Karkat
Creator: [personal profile] plushi
Why I’m recommending it: Anything that I see that makes me desperately want to buy things is pretty much a winner in my book. This gif is the development of a baby grub into an Eridan via a tamagotchi game. I think plushi really thought outside the box for this one, and it's ADORABLE.

Rec 7: Calno
Team: Jade<3Rose
Creator: [personal profile] 524
Why I’m recommending it: I screamed when I saw this. What a good recasting. Geno, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a doll that came to life, inhabited by a celestial spirit. This image is a crossover between Geno and Lil Cal. The art is great, the style is perfect, AND THE SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT THAT COULD MEAN ARE CHILLING. Geno was a cool dude though. (If you're a fan 524 did another really great crossover here. PERFECT!!!)

Rec 8: Dirk's Head Pong
Team: John<3Rose
Creator: [personal profile] madmegatax
Why I’m recommending it: Warning: Gore, decapitation. This gif features Roxy and Jane kicking Dirk's spare head back and forth much to Dream!Dirk's discomfort, complete with friendly banter below. If we could vote on bonus rounds, I hope that this one would win.
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[personal profile] veira 2012-08-12 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay here's some of my Dirk+Jane friendship feels showing. GOOD FILLS.

Rec 1: Icing On Top
Team: Gamzee♦Karkat
Creator: rex
Why I’m recommending it: This is the sweetest post-apocalyptic fic I've seen in a while. It's not all world-is-gone angst, they just sort of go on as well as they can and raid abandoned buildings and stuff. I also love how it's told in such a concise form but still reads as a progression perfectly fine. And I'm a sucker for fics where Dirk is the one who learns how to do something, instead of him teaching everyone. Jane teaches him how to make cake!

Rec 2: Illegitimi non carborundum
Team: Dave♥Rose♥Terezi
Creator: megaparsecs
Why I’m recommending it: I want about ten thousand more words of this AU. The emotion is palpable here. I want to know all about Jane's political campaign into office and all the other assassination attempts. I want to know about Dirk as her right hand man, pulling the strings and making things easier on her, but not so easy that she doesn't stumble on occasion. I am a little distraught that I will likely never get those words unless I write them myself.

Rec 3: untitled
Team: Rose♥Roxy
Creator: eclecticillustrator
Why I’m recommending it: This is a dark piece of art right here. Jane with the tiaratop on wishing she could take it off, but it seems the Batterwitch has done something to her that makes taking it off actually dangerous to her health. D: Talk about scary. Dirk is trying to find a way around that. I doubt Dirk is going to find a way to fix this without freaking out somewhere Jane can't see him freak out.
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[personal profile] oxfordroulette 2012-08-13 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Of Machiavellian Creators
Team: Meenah<3<Roxy
Creator: Team Round 2 entry
Why I’m recommending it: This little piece tells a short story that isn't quite prose, and doesn't fill itself with useless flowerly language. It's a good narrative, with a clear begining, middle, and end, the latter of which is entirely unhappy. It's due to this ending, I think, that the piece didn't get pushed forward into the main round. Too bad, since the sheer heaviness of this entry is not to be missed.

Rec 2: All Relative in This Time Sink
Team: Dave<3<Karkat<3Terezi<3Dave
Creator: Team Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: I am a sucker for good action descriptors, and this fic has it. The characterization and pictures are great too, but what really ties this piece together is the story of what's going on... Karkat and Dave's body language towards each other, how Terezi reacts... It's all fantastic stuff.

Rec 3: The Frost Witch and the Lady of Thorns
Team: Jade<3Rose
Creator: Team Round 2 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: I don't care if this fic gets reccommended by 200 different people, this bitch needs to be read. The descriptions are perfect, the pictures really add to the story, and Rose. Oh Rose. Tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways and even though you all should have read this, its worth another look.
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[personal profile] soashamed 2012-08-13 01:30 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: How to Cheat at Cards for Fun and Profit
Team: Sollux<>Aradia
Creator: Team Round 1
Why I’m recommending it: This story is witty, lighthearted and fun!! The pesterlogs make for fast pacing which just works like magic with all the fun this fic jam packs in there. The art is adorable and works perfectly to highlight the humour. I nearly laughed myself sick and the whole time there was the perfect feel of their pale romance just underlying the whole adventure. A++ would, and have, read again!!

Rec 2: How Karkat Vantas Learned to Stop Worrying and be the Bomb
Team: Gamzee<>Karkat
Creator: Team Round 1
Why I’m recommending it: This is just perfect, wow one of the best pale fics out there! The writing is absolutely spot, dead on for the characters and the tone is hilarious. A mix of traditional and pesterlog reading style also keeps this one descriptive and fast paced, not letting it get bogged down even when the metaphorical bombs are dropped. A lighthearted read with a true aww ending that you can't help but smile for!! A must read for any Gamzee<>Karkat fan and some who aren't!

Rec 3: Secret of Everstuck
Team: Bro<3John
Creator: deadkidsclub
Why I’m recommending it: If you know anything about Secret of Evermore you know just how perfect this crossover is! The idea of Jade and Bec as the main characters travelling through time works amazingly. The art is gorgeous and the use of Spidermom for the Bug made me smile all over.
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[personal profile] rex 2012-08-13 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
Oh! Secret of Evermore is one of my favourite games ever, but somehow I missed that last one. Thank you for reccing it and making my day!
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[personal profile] brightgray 2012-08-13 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Waiting For You
Team: Jade<3Karkat
Creator: Team Entry, R3S4
Why I'm recommending it: So this fic's from two perspectives, Karkat Vantas and Jade English. It's sad, it's sweet, and Karkat and Jade are just a little late for their red party, but they get there and that makes me so glad. The writing style sticks, the art at the beginning is lovely, and that GIF ohaoh man. What a good ending. `v`

Rec 2: This Is Not My Beautiful Life
Team: Aradia<>Sollux
Creator: Team Entry, R3S4
Why I'm recommending it: What a geeem, gosh. The dialogue between everyone is just so them (Karkat's romancing advice ahaueh) and Aradia and Sollux's moirallegiance comes together wonderfully, though it's like it's been there all that time. There are also troll Cosmo tips and it's fabulous.

Rec 3: Untitled
Team: John<3Karkat
Creator: crowry
Why I'm recommending it: So the prompt for this artwork was Karkat<3Nepeta, Paranormal Investigators + High School AU and yea what a perfect AU. But anyway, it features cutie patooties doing their thing and it's just. Really cute and fluffy really! The colors are awesome and it's charming.
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[personal profile] megaparsecs 2012-08-13 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Gonna break in my reccing arm with some


Betaverse kiddos only.

Rec 1: untitled
Team: Dirk<>Roxy
Creator: pyrokineticvampire
Why I’m recommending it: I am very, very glad I requested Dave/Rose at King's Landing. This has some sweet Lalonde on Strider action, with them taking the rolls of the Lannisters from Game of Thrones. They are hot and they politic, the end, which is all I could ever ask for.

Rec 2:Turn Left
Team: Dave<3Rose
Creator: This is the team's Round Three fill, so I don't know yet! Someone lovely and fabulous.
Why I’m recommending it: Dave as pizza delivery boy, yes. Dave as pizza delivery boy who Shakespeares at Rose, hell fucking yes. I take my Shakespeare seriously as tits. Same Rose, same. Also serves up the hot Dirk and Rose knowin each other and Dave and Roxy knowin each other action that I so long for. First part is sweet as all hell, second part is sad and makes me sad, you bastards.

Rec 3: My Girlfriend . . . A GHOST?
Team: Dave<3Rose
Creator: Was done for Round 2, so I'm not actually sure!! If anyone knows, pls tell me and I will edit this baby.
Why I’m recommending it: Dave is dating Rose, who is maybe and maybe not a ghost, but if anyone's going to find out it's John. John and Jade are PITCH PERFECT in this, they're such unintentional little assholes, and the art is cute, especially the picture with all four kids in it, wow John and Jade you guys are SUPER SUBTLE. A++, would make giggly noises again.

Rec 4: Galaga
Team: Aradia<>Sollux
Creator: stellarbird
Why I’m recommending it: Dave and Rose are raging against the Batterwitch machine, spaceship style. I'm literally morally obligated to rec it. Dave and Rose have a really good exchange here, gosh do I love Dave + Rose pesterlogs. +10 for reference to The Wicker Man.
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[personal profile] cloudling 2012-08-14 02:57 am (UTC)(link)
hi! i'm on team dave<3rose, and for 'turn left', myself (cloudling/cumulae.tumblr) and helen (efthemia/efthemia.tumblr) wrote, editing done by stacey (lovelytoken/lovelytoken.tumblr), megan (heirbrusch/gikerot.tumblr) and helen (efthemia), the first picture done by jennifer (psonu/gottiger.tumblr), scratch gif done by stacey (lovelytoken), and third picture dave and rose lined by megan (heirbrusch), background and colors by jennifer (psonu).

for my girlfriend... A GHOST?, the main writing was done by helen (efthemia) and with contribution from sarah (cloudling), editing done by stacey (lovelytoken), helen (efthemia) and megan (heirbrusch), the first picture done by jennifer (psonu), second done by megan (heirbrusch), third lines done by stacey (lovelytoken) coloring by caitlin (imperfect-forger/asking-for-a-smaller-heart.tumblr), and butt by jennifer (psonu)!

all of the raps were written by stacey (lovelytoken)! aaaaaand that's all the credit (i'm so sorry lmao each entry was a huge collaboration effort by basically everybody)!

your comments are making us go all giggly and happy wow, you are a++ and we all love you. thank you so much aaaaah!


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[personal profile] oxfordroulette 2012-08-13 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
Round 1 Section 1 Electric Boogaloo

Rec 1: Sopor Face
Team: Gamzee<3Roxy
Creator: Team Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: I think I screamed with joy when I watched this the first time, then proceeded to watch it 20 more times and squirm with sweet, sweet ecstasy. This is a personal favorite of mine. It's funny, very well put together, and catchy as hell!

Rec 2: Devil Take The Hindmost
Team: Dualscar<3<Summoner
Creator: Team Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: When the main round 1 entries came out, I was so so shocked to see this wasn't on the list. The story, the characterization, the flow of the whole thing... Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. This is really, really worth a read.

Team: Bro<3John
Creator: Team Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: I am going to be honest with ya'll, I was not looking forward to reading this. I foolishly had such low expectations for this rarepair, and went into it thinking it wouldn’t be a quality work. I was so so wrong. This fiction completely blew me out of the water. This work is such a fun ride, I enjoyed every minute of it. John and Bro's relationship, the creativity of the setting, the word choice, everything was such a scream.
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FILL: TEAM Dave♥John

[personal profile] a_stands_for 2012-08-13 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Team: dave♥vriska
Creator: Round 1 entry
Why I’m recommending it: Two rival hitmen, also lovers, forced to play russian roulette. I thought this story did a lovely job of building up the suspense and tension, as well as the tenderness between them as fear made them more sentimental. It was all the more tragic since the last one to fire obviously knew they were going to get the bullet.

Rec 2: Cage Match
Team: dave♠gamzee
Creator: Round 1 entry
Why I’m recommending it: I really got sucked into this one. I loved how Gamzee cared enough to ask his first opponent for his story, and put aside his usual manner to kill him with respect. The reason behind sending Dave in amused me, and the battle was getting pretty hot. My only complaint was that it ended too quickly, darn those story length restrictions!

Rec 3: Magical Girl Flirtini: Episode 7
Team: autoresponder♥roxy
Creator: Round 2 entry
Why I’m recommending it: It's Roxy as a magical girl anime, how is that not awesome?! :D There were so many hilarious lines in this story, I laughed so much. AR and Roxy make a great superhero team, and AR struggling between telling her to get moving and encouraging her to rest because she was hurt was adorable.
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FILL: TEAM Dave♥John

[personal profile] a_stands_for 2012-08-13 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Freedom
Team: davesprite♥doomed!john
Creator: Round 2 entry
Why I’m recommending it: It casts quite a spell! The scene where John rests and hears whispers of his name while experiencing strange feelings of things he can't remember was really good. The story ended too quickly, I wanted to know more! Also, I gotta hand you props for being able to set the characters in an AU and yet still have it clearly be doomed!John, not John.

Rec 2: Plausible Deniability
Team: mindfang♠redglare
Creator: Round 2 entry
Why I’m recommending it: Redglare is an extremely unreliable narrator in this story, and I love it! Her constant denial of what she's feeling, whether real or simply to soothe her ego, is quite entertaining. And hey, rainbowdrinker!Mindfang is a pretty fun idea, too.

Rec 3: Untitled Eridan♠Feferi fic
Team: ALCHEM:parcelpyxis
Creator: Round 3 entry
Why I’m recommending it: A lovely kismessitude fic emphasizing how rivalry makes the two rivals stronger. The fable interspersed throughout the story was interesting as well. Plus, you know, it's fun to read a story where Eridan exaggerates his faults as a front, and Feferi is scheming and cruel.
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[personal profile] asherdashery 2012-08-13 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Untitled Tavros<3Sollux, Fairy Tale + Cyberpunk BR1 fill
Creator: [personal profile] veira
Why I’m recommending it: This was a really awesomely cool twist on fairies, cyberpunk, and the collectible monster genre. The concepts are well thought-out and fascinating, the imagery is beautiful and disturbing, and the trust and rivalry between two different breeds of nerds is very real and touching. Also, Sollux has LEDs embedded in his body. How cool is that?

Rec 2: The Grand Ruse: The Ass Was a Distaction
Creator: [personal profile] tobias_fiori I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Why I’m recommending it: Every character in this is spot-on. The dialogue is witty, the situation itself is hilarious, and I appreciate any story that makes fun of how Dave actually has no ass. Also, it's really sweet and cute.

Rec 3: Time After Time (a Dave<>Rose, TARDIS BR5 fill)
Creator: [personal profile] megaparsecs
Why I’m recommending it: Cute and funny and made me unexpectedly happy when I ran across it. Dave and Rose are as tight as sibs can be. And it's got a great moment in it where Dave asks Rose a question about his own internal monologue and she just answers like that's totally normal human behavior, which is wonderful.
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FILL: Team: Karkat<3Karkat

[personal profile] doubleohally 2012-08-13 05:40 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Have You Had Your Fun?
Team: Bro<3Grandpa
Creator: Main Round 1 entry
Why I’m recommending it: Wow, okay for starters I know some people get mildly annoyed when someone says 'I don't ship this but,' however, it seems just appropriate. The fact that this story is so good that someone who doesn't even ship this can get tons of enjoyment out of it is an amazing feat not to be taken lightly (I never had anything against it, just not my fancy). I find myself just really liking the characterization, the plot, the ideas, and the setting. It was witty, hilarious, and very well thought out. It caused me to have an urge to read more of the pairing. I find myself quite liking it now. Definitely read it if you haven't already, it will not be a waste of your time. It is literally 100% perfect. I found nothing wrong with it.

Rec 2: Gambling: A Powerpoint
Team: AR♥PM♥WV
Creator: Main Round 1 entry
Why I’m recommending it: It's great! The pictures were very wonderful, the plot was very hilarious and cute. I really enjoyed the faces they made in the art myself, they were very adorable and I just really loved them! Also, AR is hilarious and a very serious policeman c:

Rec 3: Venting Ventures
Team: Dave<3Eridan
Creator: Main Round 1 entry
Why I’m recommending it: This was hands down my FAVORITE from round one things. I really just love it, I've already been fond of the pairing before but this just made my heart ache with love feelings towards these two babies. I think the set up was very well and fit the prompt greatly. The humor was hilarious and it didn't focus too much on romance even though it was plainly obvious that they really loved each other a whole lot. The ending was amazing, and the superhero thing was implemented perfectly. I enjoyed just every aspect of it, I wouldn't mind re-reading it a million times. Rose and Karkat were a good touch to the story!
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FILL: TEAM John<3Rose

[personal profile] astrologicallydubious 2012-08-13 06:45 am (UTC)(link)
BR1 recs!

Rec 1: untitled Sollux<>Terezi
Team: Sollux<3Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] heybuddyboy
Why I’m recommending it: I like that Sollux's biography is presented in a one-man memo, as Terezi's frank and sincere memorial to her friend as she knew him. The characterization is great for both Terezi and Sollux -- his faults and his virtues as seen through Terezi's eyes (or nose) -- and it paints a great picture of their relationship. Terezi's quips are funny even while all the little details of Sollux's life story and how much he meant to her are heartrending. >:'[

Rec 2: untitled alpha!Dave<>alpha!Rose
Team: Dave<3Jade
Creator: [personal profile] asherdashery
Why I’m recommending it: I love how this entry is made up of snippets from a book, so that it's more conjecture from outsiders than concrete fact, and I love more that even though the "true story" isn't revealed (how did they meet? were they dating?? the world may never know), the relationship between Dave and Rose is still plain to see from the reader's perspective. It rings very true as a moirallegiance, not "romantic" (in the non-troll sense) but a very tight bond; I particularly like Dave's sentiment of protecting the world from Rose rather than the other way around. All in all a portrayal of alpha!Dave and alpha!Rose that I really enjoy -- aloof public figures who baffle the media and reveal their true selves only to each other.

Rec 3: Meet-Cute for the New Millennium
Team: Terezi <3< Vriska
Creator: [personal profile] cest_what
Why I’m recommending it: It's cute, okay. The post-apocalyptic setting is clear enough without being explicitly mentioned; the details set the scene nicely (the umbrellas, the weather, the mentions of Dave and Jade). The interaction seems quite in-character and sets up the future friendship/relationship well -- I love the last two lines. A great romcom-esque cross of witty and heartwarming.
asherdashery: (peepers)

Re: FILL: TEAM John<3Rose

[personal profile] asherdashery 2012-08-13 12:57 pm (UTC)(link)
fdsjk Oh wow, I'm glad you liked my Alpha!Dave<>Alpha!Rose thing. I actually ended up titling it Haven in a Heartless World; linking the AO3 version because that's got notes about stuff I quoted. Thanks so much for reccing it!

FILL: TEAM Karkat♥Sollux

[personal profile] noveltyhorns 2012-08-13 07:20 am (UTC)(link)
WARNING: body horror, gore, character death
(body horror rec post)

Rec 1: Davesprite: run a hospital into the fucking ground
Team: Kernelsprite
Creator: Cephalopod
Why I’m recommending it: This fill straight-up delighted me no end. It's not only that the prose is unpredictable and hilarious, it's not just that the Dave voice is perfect and laconic under crazy circumstances, it's the sudden, unexpected turns of phrase that leave you thinking "Whoa hey!" and then "Shit, that's brilliant." The style of this fill is flawless and everyone should read it.

Rec 2: From My Heart And From My Hand
Team: Dave♠Gamzee
Creator: Dave♠Gamzee R2 entry
Why I’m recommending it: I thought this team's handling of the prompt was interesting. Body horror is driven by the fear of becoming monstrous due to violations of bodily integrity and boundaries, so using it as the theme is really suitable, especially juxtaposed with Gamzee's physical normalcy and deviant behavior. I'm not into serious gore, but this seemed like a fill that a subset of people would really love and might not get to see!

Rec 3: Untitled
Team: Nepeta♥Terezi
Creator: Vulturer
Why I'm recommending it: This is a neat way to write Karkat♥Karkat and a creative use of the prompt (noir+mecha) - one of them is a mecha and the other one is a pilot and together they fight crime in spaaaace! When they get shot down, all they have is one another and heavy bleeding, and Karkat's relief that his mecha is okay is completely natural. There's also some interesting worldbuilding there, and it ends on a teaser note.

Rec 4: Untitled
Team: Eridan♦Rose
Creator: Wallwalker
Why I’m recommending it: It's Rose♥Sollux (yes that's a reason to recommend a thing)! Rose refusing to kill Sollux despite his wishes and then carrying him from the helmsblock is reminiscent of Samus saving a baby Metroid, and it's adorable; I want to know more about this AU. The focus is less on the body horror itself than it is on Rose's mindset and actions, but it's a good fill that falls under the body horror umbrella so -rec!-

Rec 5: Untitled
Team: Jade♥Karkat
Creator: gregariousprotagonist
Why I'm recommending it: People seem to dig sadstuck, yeah? The medical experimentation described in this fill worsens gradually to create a building atmosphere of desperation, which keeps it suspenseful and prevents it from sounding repetitive. The way that the fill takes medical dehumanization literally is also interesting, especially given that the characters involved are Davesprite and Jade.

Rec 6: Untitled
Team: Eridan♠Vriska
Creator: myrrh_darkwing
Why I'm recommending it: It's really fitting that what gets Vriska and Terezi into their lethal situation is rivalry. It's also fitting that the fill manages to maintain their hatred while still portraying them as connected, and that their deaths are still framed as tragic; they're in-character right through to the end. Also, because this is a body horror rec, it should be mentioned that they are dissolving into goo while they trade spiteful quips.
grausam: (basass toph)

Re: FILL: TEAM Karkat♥Sollux

[personal profile] grausam 2012-08-13 04:03 pm (UTC)(link)
oooh cool, thank you for the compilation!! I haven't read any of those yet :D Have you seen this Karkat<3Sollux Western AU with some nasty parasites yet?
alouetta: (Default)


[personal profile] alouetta 2012-08-13 11:50 am (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: untitled
Creator: ferrrox
Why I’m recommending it: the prompt was dave and jade at the burning man festival, and the snippet of story shown in the illustration is madly frustrating because i want to know so much more! the light also has that real festival feel to it, when youre not sure what time of day it is because you havent slept in days. this is basically gorgeous and fascinating and i have spent a long time looking at it.

Rec 2: untitled
Creator: veira
Why I’m recommending it: this is dirk and jake living in lyra's oxford, and it is exactly as atmospheric and dark as youd hope from that. reading it feels like youve just been thrown straight into the heart of the action from a much longer story, i wish it carried on and on because i would read it all! also props for the boys choices of daemons - real creepy and real appropriate.

Rec 3: untitled
Creator: pyrokineticvampire
Why I’m recommending it: its dave and rose in kings landing, and i cant believe ive never seen a game of thrones crossover before when these two fit so easily here. theres an eerie lannister vibe to their sibling relationship, the cool powerful woman and her brother her knight. you just know, reading this, that rose would be running the kingdom by the time she was twenty - its a very believable situation, considering the worlds being crossed.
soashamed: (Default)


[personal profile] soashamed 2012-08-13 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
The BR5 Special Edition.

Rec 1: Untitled
Team: Dirk<3Jake<3Jane<3Roxy
Creator: Nexitan
Why I’m recommending it: I'm a huge fan of AU s and this is how you do them right! This story is short but it's jam packed with detail and backstory in a way that doesn't bog it down or detract from what's happening. It draws upon the source materials to give us an idea of what Karkat is facing and will face when he gets to Durmstrang while still keeping John and Karkat in character. This one really stuck out to me because they made such a difficult prompt work like, well, magic.

Rec 2: Untitled
Team: Dirk<3Jake<3Jane<3Roxy
Creator: playerprophet
Why I’m recommending it: DirkJake silent hill cross over, I think I hardly need to say more (but of course I will!). This fic utilizes letters to briefly and succinctly let us in both on how they ended up in Silent Hill and what happening before Jake arrived and after, which keeps the reader interested and, for those of us in on Silent Hill's game, nervous. The little details that fans can use to make the connect, like the muscular doctor with no head draw us in have us biting our nails because we know just what we're seeing. The author teases the horror, just like the game, creating an atmosphere that leaves one feeling like this little snippet just isn't enough.

Rec 3: Untitled
Team: Dave<3Rose<3Terezi
Creator: megaparspecs
Why I’m recommending it: Yes, the other DirkJake Silent Hill crossover, I can't help but list it when it's so amazing as well! This one takes us right into the realm of Silent Hill 2, and those who know the game know exactly why this scene is so very chilling. Jake's confusion is palpable, and it draws us in even though the ones who are going to appreciate this the most know exactly what they're seeing. This is another case where canon and characters are blended seamlessly, all while maintaining the atmosphere.

Rec 4: Untitled
Team: Dave<3Dave
Creator: alouetta
Why I’m recommending it: I laughed myself sick, just stupidly sick. The descriptors in this story are absolutely top notch, 100% in character. Dave/Terezi interaction isn't always the easiest, but this fic just nails it. Making it into a job interview as well was nothing short of a stroke of genius and it works like clockwork.
callbacks: (Default)


[personal profile] callbacks 2012-08-13 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh yes good, I wanted to rec that Applebee's one but I couldn't find it, thank you so much!


[personal profile] alouetta - 2012-08-13 23:47 (UTC) - Expand


[personal profile] nextian - 2012-08-14 15:31 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] grausam 2012-08-13 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
six Karkats and two Daves!

Why I’m recommending it: The prompt was Last Man on Earth + Existentialist Fiction, Karkat<3Karkat. It has a well thought out set up and manages to be really sad and still kind of hilarious. Karkat stays very in character and believable, with a mixture of paranoia, self-loathing and determination. The cherry on top is a wonderful atmospheric illustration in the style of Salad Fingers!

Rec 2: CURRENT carcinoGeneticist [CCG] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board ALSKDFASKJDHFLAKJSDHFLAKJSHDF...
Creator: messageredacted
Why I’m recommending it: Prompt: Karkat <> Karkat, Hurt/comfort + horror.
It's similar in premise to my first rec, but trust me, read both. They still manage to be very different. Rec 2 is set on the meteor and has a short, but suspenseful plot. The described situation did haunt me for quite some time afterwards! And the way Karkat manages to care for and comfort himself is really touching!

Rec 3: You get his letters infrequently...
Creator: memyselfandi
Why I’m recommending it: Karkat<3dreamself!Karkat This one has the very interesting twist that the relationship is between Karkat and a Karkat who grew up on Prospit. The described differences really piqued my curiosity! It's not as neatly written as the other two, but it's nevertheless enjoyable and creates a good melanchonic atmosphere.

Team: Dave<3Dave
Creator: round 2 team entry
Why I’m recommending it:This one is totally hilarious and the epitome of why one should ship Dave and Dave, namely because Dave. It doesn't take itself too serious and also showed the bizarreness of the situation, which I liked. It's very competently written, with wonderful and fitting Dave dialogues!
Edited 2012-08-13 15:48 (UTC)
alouetta: (Default)


[personal profile] alouetta 2012-08-13 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
aw yes i wrote the davecest one, thank you very much for the rec!
nextian: The icons of the four alpha kids from Homestuck. (alphachronism)


[personal profile] nextian 2012-08-13 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
BR4 recs, pt 1 (because gosh, I'm only up to page 7)

Rec 1: Untitled Vriska & Aradia art
Team: John<3Rose
Creator: [personal profile] jelajade
Why I'm recommending it: The hovertext says "I'm fearless now, but it cost my soul," and that's exactly what this picture is of--dead Vriska and alive Aradia, surrounded by all their varied bad and good choices! Plus this art style could not be more adorable if it was painted in kittens. This is like the Blue's Clues guide to illustrative symbolism and I love it.

Rec 2: Untitled Terezi/Vriska fill
Team: Bro<3Grandpa
Creator: [personal profile] apollosglare
Why I’m recommending it: This piece is in incredibly delicate balance, er, literally; Vriska leaning off the chair and Terezi leaning into it just enough that you can't tell if Vriska's being pushed, saved, or jumping. Perfect for a piece partially scored by The Cave. I also just love this Terezi's long face.

Rec 3: Untitled Jane fill
Team: Eridan♥Feferi♥Sollux♠Eridan
Creator: [personal profile] mementomoryo
Why I’m recommending it: The soundtrack is a series of variously misleadingly cheery anime soundtrack pieces. Jane in full Victorian dress as Snow White flips the brightness of the soundtrack and capitalizes on the tragedy of, for example, Madoka. And it does so with gorgeous art!

Rec 4: Untitled Roxy piece
Team: Equius<3Gamzee
Creator: [personal profile] brightgray
Why I'm recommending it: Okay, I'll admit I'm assuming the he in this is Equius due solely to the use of colors and pronouns. But the sense of void about the picture--the dark blue shading to black, the pixelation and vanishing of her scarf and the ice--is so good regardless. (The pixelation matches the soundtrack incredibly well, too.) The bulk of the scarf around her neck makes Roxy look tiny and determined. On a more technical note, I love the overlay technique used to paint the ice walls.

Rec 5: Untitled Aradia/Sollux piece
Team: Nepeta<3Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] fraymotif
Why I'm recommending it: Using this soundtrack for Aradia and Sollux was inspired; it is exactly as fatalistic and sad and hopeful as them. Using close variants on their colors + green was even better; those are not colors that naturally go together, let's be real here, but the piece hangs together really well with a sort of sepia feeling to it. Aradia's AMAZING pants and Sollux's massive grin are serious bonuses.

Rec 6: Untitled Rose & Dave perv on their parents fic
Team: Dave<3Rose<3Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] megaparsecs
Why I'm recommending it: UGH THREE SENTENCES FOR THIS IS SO HARD. I don't know why I can't just copy-paste "THIS IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE FIC FOR THIS PLAYLIST" three times, but here goes. 1) Dave's rambling bullshit is exactly correct. 2) "and technically Jade's half dog" made me splutter laughing. 2) THIS IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE FIC FOR THIS PLAYLIST.

Rec 7: Untitled Terezi<3Equius fill
Team: Team Karkat<3Nepeta
Creator: [personal profile] slippy
Why I'm recommending it: I'm not sure how this fic got me shipping Terezi/Equius, which I can confidently state that no other power on God's Earth could do. It might have something to do with the use of the medics from Oglaf or it might have something to do with the idea that Terezi is, you know, a pushy mastermind. I think my favorite part though is the conceit--of course Equius smelling irrevocably and constantly like Equius would cause hilarious medical problems for Ms. Pyrope and of course she'd exploit the fuck out of that.

Rec 8: Untitled Dave<3<Gamzee fill
Team: Dirk<3Equius
Creator: [personal profile] cypher
Why I'm recommending it: I love how fabulously uncool Dave is about his new hateboner. His running monologue sounding a hell of a lot more like Karkat's when freaked out by how much he's turned on is uh, extremely Dave Strider. I also love that this is convincingly balanced between sexy hate and actual, maybe-I-should-kill-this-dude hate.
Edited 2012-08-13 19:44 (UTC)
slippy: Gamzee, sopor on his mouth and down his front, high as hell (homestuck] sweet as pie)


[personal profile] slippy 2012-08-15 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you for reccing me! I must confess, I didn't intend for those to be the Oglaf medics, which would actually have been really cool. It was a case of 'argh, troll OCs, I need completely generic speech quirks!!'

Although now I want to put a bunch of non-human, non-alien characters in space and inflict trolls on them. Terezi will also miss the Howl's Moving Castle-type fire demon that does the mess hall cooking. She and Equius communicate with their friends off the radar by sending messages with Sandman nightmares that Gamzee has made friends with.
nextian: The icons of the four alpha kids from Homestuck. (alphachronism)


[personal profile] nextian 2012-08-13 07:44 pm (UTC)(link)
BR4 recs pt 2!

Rec 1: Untitled Jade & Rose fill
Team: John<3Rose
Creator: [personal profile] jelajade
Why I'm recommending it: I almost prompted this exact soundtrack, and when I was piecing it together I was thinking, oh, sexy femme fatale Rose/Kanaya. This is completely different from that and completely perfect all the same--Jade the upright bassist in a jazz band is of course obvious but brilliant. So is Rose's Dinah Washington hand.

Rec 2: please don't put your face into your hands (we could be friends)
Team: Autoresponder<3Roxy
Creator: [personal profile] teakei
Why I'm recommending this: Yes, yes, yes, YES, THIS IS WHY I SHIP THEM PALE. Omg. The narration is lyrical and light, and Roxy is charming and a little desperate, and Dirk is not that charming and a little desperate, and it's great. You should read this if you like good, convincing narratives of human palemance because this is proof they are delightful!

Rec 3: Untitled alpha OT4 fill
Team: Team Autoresponder<3Roxy
Creator: [personal profile] pyrokineticvampire
Why I'm recommending it: Well, as my icon and subject line handily show, I am pretty fucking into the Alpha OT4, because they are the most delightful goobers. Damn if this fic doesn't make this case as well as any of our entries. Roxy's problem solving is perfect (tipsyGnostalgic [TG] opened memo on board LETS ALL KISS). (pls refer to memo board title.) (for. FCUKS. SAKE!!!!!!!)

Rec 3: Untitled Aradia/Sollux fill
Team: Terezi<3<Vriska
Creator: [personal profile] fortnight_dreaming
Why I'm recommending it: Most trivially, Sollux looking like one of the Gorillaz works extremely well. But I love the way they're very slightly ghostly and starlit--the choice of a chalk effect was great for that. The composition is unusual and striking.

Rec 4: Untitled Eridan/Feferi fill
Team: John<3Karkat
Creator: [personal profile] crowry
Why I'm recommending it: The red-and-green lighting in the first pic is killer, and makes the black & white in the second that much more dramatic. The selection of lyrics is ideal. But I'm really reccing this because holy shit, yes, Eridan with apparent angel wings, ushering in the end.

Rec 5: Untitled Aradia triptych
Team: Dave<3Rose<3Terezi
Creator: [personal profile] gomimushi
Why I'm recommending it: In comments [personal profile] playerprophet called this reminiscent of "old school shoujo manga", which is dead on. The very subtle differences between expressions between ghost, robot, and living Aradia are beautifully done. Using Aradia's hair as a framing device works very well!

Rec 6: Untitled Jake & Jane fill
Team: Aradia<3Sollux
Creator: [personal profile] icylily
Why I'm recommending it: This is as fucked up as you'd expect from the mix, and delightfully so. Jake and Jane just look so stoked to be potentially shooting each other. I would award this "best use of transparent blood spatter in BR4".

Rec 7: Untitled Vriska/Tavros fill
Team: Eridan<3Feferi<3Sollux<3<Eridan
Creator: [personal profile] mementomoryo
Why I'm recommending it: Look, we both know that when mementomoryo gets all massive symbolic painting, an angel gets its wings. But WHO KNEW that a literal reading of "This Tornado Loves You" could be this gorgeous? Or that a tiny Tavros in the bottom-left corner of the painting could make me laugh so hard and feel so terrible about it?

Rec 8: Untitled Feferi/Vriska fill
Team: Equius<3Gamzee
Creator: [personal profile] brightgray
Why I'm recommending it: This has gotten retroactively really tragic, but at the time of posting it was just incredibly sweet. It's very playlist appropriate--the intersecting curves of the composition evokes the waltzy piano mood of the pieces, for one thing! I love the very convincing idea that Feferi would still be trying to go fetch her murder friends even in the face of both of their untimely deaths.

Rec 9: Untitled Rose/Vriska fill
Team: Terezi<3<Vriska
Creator: [personal profile] fortnight_dreaming
Why I'm recommending it: ...And part two of the "people rescue dead Vriska" series. This playlist is way more intense and more vicious, and the fill is likewise. Rose looks smug, successful Light player and all, and Vriska looks pissed at needing a rescue, which is super in character for both of them. Also I love these rich colors.
Edited 2012-08-13 19:44 (UTC)
gomimushi: (Thomas no Shinzou: Juli)


[personal profile] gomimushi 2012-08-14 06:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, thank you so much!
It makes me so unreasonably happy when people say my art reminds them of old school shoujo manga;; /A\ I really appreciate it!
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[personal profile] macca44552 2012-08-13 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: A Rum Deal
Team: Dave<3Jade
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: Prohibition era New York? Hell Yes. The atmosphere was chilling and effective--the setting became a character, which pretty much makes me flail happily whenever that comes across in a fic. Adding to that would be the art used in the piece, which was absolutely stunning, gosh. And the dialogue! The dialogue was particularly strong, and the way the author(s?) made the two interact and play off each other was a delight to read. Also features Jade being incredibly badass and awesome, which is what everyone wants, isn't it?

Rec 2: 69 to 1 Odds
Team: Jade<3John<3Karkat
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: It's entertaining; it's adorable; it's well-paced; it's hilarious. The characterizations were fantastic, and it was nice seeing Jade and John come together as an epic tag-team of annoying the hell out of Karkat Vantas. The art that accompanied this fic was adorable and meshed with the mood of the piece quite well. I don't really know how much I should give away, but I thought the ending was great; it wrapped everything together and established this fic as an overall delight.

Rec 3: Know when to fold, boys.
Team: Eridan<3Feferi<3Sollux <3< Eridan
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: Okay, so I know absolutely nothing about art. All I know is that just looking at this piece gives me feelings. I like the color choices (especially the blue used for Sollux as;lkfj), the texture, and all of the great details, like Feferi's jewelry. The expressions on their faces are fucking ace. I looked at this piece and I came up with my own story as to what might have happened to lead up to this point (and what might happen after), and I think that shows just how great it is.
Edited 2012-08-13 20:14 (UTC)
ellipsometry: (Default)

[personal profile] ellipsometry 2012-08-18 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
i was the writer for 69 to 1 Odds so wow thank you very much for the rec!! :') i'm glad you enjoyed the fic and of course the art by some of my wonderful teammates
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[personal profile] jamkiske 2012-08-13 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Round 2 entries I voted for that didn't make it to Phase 2 edition.

Rec 1: Freedom
Team: Davesprite<3Doomed John
Creator: [personal profile] celestialsymphony
Why I’m recommending it: This was one of the most unique interpretations of the Monsters prompt that I saw. The interpretation of John being doomed withing the AU is really cool and works really well. If I had to give a complaint it's just that the formatting doesn't have any line breaks, but it's totally worth reading despite that formatting haha. So yes overall a really unique fic that captures the dynamic of these 2 in canon well in a different AU setting than anything I've read.

Rec 2: I've Dreamed Of You
Team: Karkat<3Karkat
Creator: [personal profile] doubleohally
Why I’m recommending it: This is a really cool full fledged game that requires some thought. I found it very clever that the team implemented Tumblr blogs with passwords in order to make it so that the reader/player actually had to come up with the right password to progress (though there is also a list of the passwords for those who just want to enjoy the story). The story itself is also pretty sweet and the inclusion of other characters is done in a very clever way.

Rec 3: Throw Me In The FIRE To Save My Life
Team: Davesprite<3Jade
Creator: [personal profile] rhedbird
Why I’m recommending it: Another very unique interpretation of the Monsters prompt! I really liked this AU that features Jade as a teenager who has summoned the harpy Davesprite in an attempt to use the occult to bring back a dead Dave. It's a very emotional fic that touches upon both of their points of view rather well.
macca44552: (Default)


[personal profile] macca44552 2012-08-13 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Rec 1: Up the Creek Without a Paddle
Team: Dirk<3Jane
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: Enjoyable all the way through. Dirk and Jane are absolutely adorable, and Jane's emotional anxieties were practically tangible--it was hard not to feel sympathy for the girl! The woods setting was very effective--there was Jane, Dirk, and nowhere to run from their feelings. The interactions were believable and, I'll say it again, adorable. All in all, very cute and very fun to read.

Rec 2: The Chance to Abscond
Team: Grand Highblood <3< Summoner
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: The atmosphere of this piece is astounding. Not to mention the compelling characterization of the two lead characters, as well as the intriguing chemistry between them (I loved the author's take on kismessitude). The most noteworthy thing about this piece, though, is definitely the art. It's unique, beautiful, and fits the words so well.

Rec 3: Untitled
Team: Equius <3 Eridan
Creator: Main Round 1 Entry
Why I’m recommending it: World building. So much world building, so many details and feelings and yes. Equius' point of view is a joy to read--he's older, more mature, and yet still has some of the quirks we'd associate with "current" Equius. Eridan's characterization is just as excellent--aged, but still recognizable. The gambling theme was incorporated both literally and metaphorically, which is something that I was rather pleased with.

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