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a break in the pattern

Hi shippers! Welcome to the very exciting and super special COLLAB ROUND post.
The prompt here is ‘aberration,’ which you can interpret more or less any way you like; like last year, we’re deliberately leaving it pretty vague. If you are unsure whether something counts or not, just ask! (It probably counts.)
To quote from the info post:
The final round is the collaborative round! IDEALLY 'collaborative' means that everyone on the team pitches in in some way, whether by brainstorming or organizing or creating content. Really though, we understand folks are busy! So as long as at least three people pitch in, it counts as valid for this round. Note that there is no longer a media requirement for this round.
This round is also different because only one entry per team gets created! Basically it should be a wonderland extravaganza of teamwork and togetherness.

All elements of this submission must be created/assembled new for this round.
No fan-created content is allowed that has not been made by members of your team specifically in response to the prompt. Mainstream creative content is fine (e.g. popular music, well-known art pieces, the Homestuck soundtrack), but not fanart, fan music, etc. This is largely to ensure that the original content in your entry is clearly identifiable as distinct from the borrowed content.

This challenge will run until 11:59PM EDT August 4. (the link says '11:55' because it only goes in 5-minute increments) If your Palhoncho sends it in after that time according to the gmail timestamp, we cannot guarantee that your submission will be posted in a timely manner.

Suggested Schedule
We will be checking in with Palhonchos at a few different points over the next couple months to make sure you’re all on track.
Generally speaking, you should at least brainstorm a little over the next 2-3 weeks. By the end of June, your team should have some idea of who’s contributing, who’s doing what.
If you don’t know what you’re doing and haven’t really started by early July, you might want to talk to us.

This year there are no media requirements! So long as everything’s created/assembled by your team specifically for this round, it’s all good.

Submission Format
We’re still working out the details, but this year we’re probably going to ask palhonchos to post their entries directly to the round comm! Stay tuned for more details.

Questions about this challenge should be emailed to homestuck.shipping@gmail.com; we will attempt to check the comments on this post, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to see all of them.

Please remember to check the Info Post and FAQ to see if your question is answered there!


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