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Hey shippers!
Welcome to the very last main round. The R1 Phase One results should be up in a day or two, as should the R1 Phase Two voting form; the R2 entries are being processed right now, and the R2 Phase One voting form will go up when the R1 Phase Two voting form closes.

This round is a format challenge! Your R3 entry should be composed of two separate but related parts. They should be roughly equal in size/complexity; we're not going to be policing that, but the general idea is that they should balance each other in some way.

All submissions must be created/assembled new for this round by members of your team.

This challenge will run until 11:59PM EDT July 21. If your Palhoncho sends it in after that time according to the gmail timestamp and before voting closes, your team's entry will get posted--but we may not be able to approve it out of the queue right away.

Requirements (as stated in the Info Post)
Fic/meta must be between 800-3000 words.
Combination fic/art entries cannot have more than 4 images.
All other image-based media (including comics) cannot exceed 10 images/panels.
Cosplay must be at least 75% created or assembled new for the challenge.
Gifs and other animations must be 8 seconds or less total. (e.g. you could have one 5-second gif and one 3-second gif)
Games are still subject to the 10-image limit.
Live-action movies are limited to one minute total.
Original music is also limited to one minute total.

The penalties for going over 3k words will be as follows:
3000-3050: no penalty (to allow for disparities in wordcount software)
3051-3150: -30 points
3151-3250: -60 points
PLEASE NOTE that gdocs is notoriously bad at generating an accurate wordcount, so you should probably check your submission at http://www.wordcounter.net/ just to make sure.
Also, this year we are requiring transcriptions of all text on images. These transcriptions count towards the wordcount.

For audio/vid files, we are allowing a 2-second grace period, and applying a 30-point penalty every 5 seconds after that. For animations, we are allowing a 1-second grace period, and applying a 30-point penalty every 2 seconds after that.

Penalties for going over the image limit will be 30 points per extra image.

If your entry has 800 words or more, it will be considered fic and will be subject to the illustrated fic limit.

Please remember not to post your HSO creations publicly until voting ends, whether or not they are chosen as part of the team submission. We would like to keep things as anonymous as possible!

Submission Format
Submissions should be formatted as outlined here.

Questions about this challenge should be emailed to us at homestuck.shipping AT gmail! We will try to answer any questions posted as comments here, but we may not see them in a timely manner.


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