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That's right, friends! It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Here are the winners of HSO Round 1!

And the winners are...! )

Everyone please remember that Round 3 Entries are due by 11:59 EST tonight! So you have about an hour and a half from when this post goes up to have your piece in on time.

Happy Shipping!
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You can find the voting form here. ETA: link should be fixed!

All HSO participants are eligible to vote in Phase Two, including Team English.

Remember that you must vote for five different teams, none of which is your own. If you fail to do this, you will be penalized 10 points! If you are worried you have voted incorrectly, or submitted multiple votes, please email us. Do not re-submit, and do not assume that we'll miss it and your vote will be counted anyway. We won't and it won't.

Voting will close Sunday, July 15 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Please note that this voting form is for Round One only! NOT Round Two.
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Hey shippers! We're still getting the voting form set up, but in the meantime, here are the top 12 from each sector in alphabetical order:

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 4

In other news, the late submission penalty has been revoked. After discussion, we have decided that applying a penalty for late entries isn't something we're going to do. We feel that extreme lateness is its own penalty, and encourage everyone to submit their round entries as close to the round closing as possible, because late entries are seen by fewer participants and receive fewer votes.
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Hi shippers!
Sorry for the delay, but voting for Round One is finally up!

If you are in Sector One, go to this link.
If you are in Sector Two, go to this link.
If you are in Sector Three, go to this link.
If you are in Sector Four, go to this link.

Please do try to read as many entries in your assigned sector as possible before voting. If you are at all confused, do not vote and definitely do not vote twice--email us and we will help you.

If you are not sure what sector your team is in, check this list.

Voting will be open until Sunday, July 1 11:59PM EDT. Sorry it's such a short timespan! We want to make sure we have time for the second voting phase.
Bonus points will be awarded for voting participation at a rate of 5 points per voting team member for a maximum of 30 points. 30 bonus points will also be awarded to teams in which every member or every member but one votes.

See this post.

We will be posting more concrete scoring information as soon as we can.

ETA: We are aware of the typo on the confirmation screen! Please rest assured that it is a typo, and forms are going to the appropriate sectors.
SECTOR THREE VOTERS: there is currently an issue where the form does not have the correct amount of voting slots. It will be fixed in the next twenty-four hours, so if you could hold off on voting until it has been fixed we would ask you to please do so. If you have already voted for four entries and want to add a fifth vote, please email us your username and your fifth vote.

ETA 2: Everything should be fixed now! Please do let us know if anything is still wrong; email is the quickest and most reliable way to get in touch with us.
SECTOR THREE VOTERS: If you have voted, please resubmit your form! The old data has been marked invalid. If you have not voted, go ahead and vote!
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Hey, shippers!

We've got all the Round 1 entries up now, just about, and it's almost time for voting! Exciting, I know.

Before you head to the comm to read, please go here and click 'Join Community'! This will enable you to read all the entries that have been posted this round, even those that have not been unlocked by palhonchos.

Then go to [community profile] hso2012_r1 and scroll down to the section that says 'Most Popular Tags.' It'll be on the left. Click on the tag corresponding to your assigned sector. This should give you a list of all the entries you'll be voting on! We do want to stress that we're adjusting the voting form to account for which entries have and haven't been read, and we absolutely do not want people to read anything they think might make them uncomfortable! So don't feel obligated to get through everything. If you have time, you might also want to take a look at all the awesome entries in the other sectors, too!

Palhonchos should go and unlock their team's entry as soon as possible. (Or whoever posted the entry--I know we've had a couple of absences.)

Lastly, since this has been coming up a lot in the past few days, please, please contact us if your palhoncho has gone MIA or is otherwise not performing their required duties. Do not wait until after main round entries are due to tell us that you haven't heard from them in weeks and you don't know whether they submitted an entry. While we understand that sometimes life happens, palhonchos are vital to keeping a team intact and a team's experience enjoyable, and we do expect all palhonchos to be active and involved with their team on an ongoing basis. If yours is not we would really like to hear about it, I cannot stress this enough.

At the very least, your team should have a defined process for a) assigning people and tasks for each main round entry, if your team's a collaborative one OR b) choosing which of several potential entries will be submitted for voting. If it does not, this is a concern! Please do not vaguely waft your entry in an absent palhoncho's direction and hope for the best. You deserve a friendleader who communicates with you.

Our email is always open. We are busy, as we always are, but we will try to respond to team-related concerns as quickly as possible.
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Hey, shippers!

This is just a reminder that your Round 1 entries are due 11:59 PM EDT June 23, and that Bonus Round 1 will close at the same time.

We're doing things a bit differently this year and having palhonchos post their team's main round entries themselves. All palhonchos should have received invites to [community profile] hso2012_r1 by now; you can accept the invitation by going here. If you are a palhoncho and have not received an invite, please email us (homestuck.shipping at gmail) ASAP!

If your palhoncho is absent for whatever reason, please have your vice-palhoncho or other designated representative email us ASAP.

Thank you, and happy shipping!
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they call you lady luck

Hey shippers!
We are so incredibly excited to announce the first main round prompt and the official start of the HSO!
This year, we’re loosely theming the prompts around patron trolls. We’re also trying to give you a little more creative space with this year’s prompts, so we’ll see how this works out!

For Round One, incorporate gambling--literal or metaphorical--in your submission. It doesn't need to be the central focus, but it should be a major theme.

And as always, if you are unsure whether something counts or not, just ask! You can reach us at homestuck.shipping@gmail.com

All submissions must be created/assembled new for this round by members of your team.
No fan-created content is allowed that has not been made by members of your team specifically in response to the prompt. Mainstream creative content is fine (e.g. popular music, well-known art pieces, the Homestuck soundtrack), but not fanart, fan music, etc. This is largely to ensure that the original content in your entry is clearly identifiable as distinct from the borrowed content.

This challenge will run until 11:59PM EDT June 23. If your Palhoncho sends it in after that time according to the gmail timestamp, your team’s submission will get posted--but we cannot guarantee that it will be posted in a timely manner.

Requirements (as stated in the Info Post)
Fic/meta must be between 800-3000 words.
Combination fic/art entries cannot have more than 4 images.
All other image-based media (including comics) cannot exceed 10 images/panels.
Cosplay must be at least 75% created or assembled new for the challenge.
The penalties for going over 3k words will be as follows:
3000-3050: no penalty (to allow for disparities in wordcount software)
3051-3150: -30 points
3151-3250: -60 points
PLEASE NOTE that gdocs is notoriously bad at generating an accurate wordcount, so you should probably check your submission at http://www.wordcounter.net/ just to make sure.
Also, this year we are requiring transcriptions of all text on images. These transcriptions count towards the wordcount.

Please remember not to post your HSO creations publicly until voting ends, whether or not they are chosen as part of the team submission. We would like to keep things as anonymous as possible!

Submission Format
We’re still working out the details, but this year we’re probably going to ask palhonchos to post their entries directly to the round comm! Stay tuned for more details.

Questions about this challenge should be emailed to homestuck.shipping@gmail.com; we will attempt to check the comments on this post, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to see all of them.
Please remember to check the Info Post and FAQ to see if your question is answered there!


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