Jun. 1st, 2012

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We're getting close to the deadline, so this is your reminder: you must join a confirmed team by 11:59 PM EDT June 1st, (roughly 12 hours from now) or you will not be able to participate. To that end, I've compiled a list of people currently on unconfirmed teams, organized for easier perusal! We will not be emailing people individually, so please check the list for your name if you are unsure.

We encourage those of you on unconfirmed teams to regroup and see if you can unite six people behind a common cause, but if not, this post has a full listing of open team slots, and there is always Team Alchemiter or English.

However, since there are so many people on unconfirmed teams and we've received a lot of questions about this:

We are giving people on 5-person teams a week's grace past June 1.

That means that if you are on a 5-person team by the end of today, we won't automatically put you on Team English; instead, you can hang on for a week in 'limbo' to see if anyone switches to your team. If by June 8, 11:59PM EDT, your team is still unconfirmed, you will be automatically moved to Team English.
If you would like to withdraw your signup rather than be moved to Team English, you may do so by emailing us.

Lastly, for all HSO participants, we encourage you to check the named team or Alchemiter roster. With this many participants, we are bound to make mistakes, so your best bet is to be responsible for your own signup! Email any corrections to us (homestuck.shipping at gmail).

Hopefully by now you have joined your team comm and checked in with your palhoncho and fellow members! If not, please do so immediately. If your palhoncho appears to be missing, please let us know.

unconfirmed team members, sorted by number of members, then alphabetically )

The following is a list of absences reported. Please contact your palhoncho ASAP, or you will be marked MIA and your sign-up will be rendered invalid.


All team changes should be emailed to homestuck.shipping at gmail.


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