Jul. 16th, 2012

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Hey shippers,
Just a quick update on voting--google forms has been acting up for us too, but we're hoping it will be resolved by the end of today! That means we'll have to ask you to please be patient with us as we get the R2 phase 1 voting form and the R1 results together.
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Hey, shippers!

We're sorry for the delay, but the Round Two Phase One voting is up now! We've had a lot of problems with gforms, which we've been using for the voting up until now--some of you know this very well!--so we're trying things a little differently this time, and we hope that it will work better. This round, you'll post your votes in screened comments on DW, and we will enter the votes into our handy dandy spreadsheet by hand, which should minimize screwups! Unfortunately, this means we will no longer be able to weight votes to account for which entries were read more frequently. We ask that you instead please read as much of your assigned sector as you reasonably can before voting, and that you not vote if you have not read a majority of the entries.

You must vote for five different teams, all of which must have submitted entries in this round of the HSO. Incorrect voting will be disregarded, and may be penalized.

Members of Sector One should vote here.
Members of Sector Two should vote here.
Members of Sector Three should vote here.
Members of Sector Four should vote here.

Voting will close this Saturday, July 21, at 11:59 PM EST.


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